Travel Packing List For Your Holidays

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What to pack when you go on holidays by car.

Travel Packing List For Your Holidays
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The summer holidays arrive again very soon. Everyone is packing bags for their travel destination. How you are going to travel is up to you, but here is a list I provide for you. So you don't have to think about it yourself.

At this time of the year, most people are going on holiday by car or otherwise. It is fun to think about your holidays before you are going, and that is including to think about what you are going to pack.

Here is a packing list for you, it is also more likely that you are packing too much stuff with you, so I tried to make a list for you. The thought you could have: 'Well, let's take this with us.' And the more you think about it, the more you took with you. Before you know it, you used half of what you had packed before going.

That is the truth, but also tricky, you are taking stuff with you and you are not going to use them. It is a waste of the energy you took for packing all these items.

I made a list for you, so you don't have to make it yourself (of course, you may add things that are too personal). It also depends on where you are going. Whether you are going to a holiday park, hotel, or you're going to camp.

There are general things you have to bring with you, or sometimes to rent on forehand (like I rent a car). These things come back in each list and then I will add the extras under the topic.

General things to pack

You need general things to bring with you for your holiday. But there are also things you need to take differently for each kind of holiday you are going to do, such as by car, camper, camping with a tent, in a hotel, in a holiday park, you name it.

  1. Car or camper
  2. Clothes and shoes
  3. Swimming and Beachwear
  4. Bath and Shower
  5. Food for on the road
  6. Other things
  7. Tickets for your holiday destination

Car or camper

When you are going by car, then you need a car to drive to your destination. When you are going by camper, then you need a camper. Sometimes you need both of them (camping with a camper).

I always rent my car. I don't have a car myself (sustainability considerations), but sometimes I need one and then I rent a car for occasions.

Even when you rent a car, you have done it before you are going on holiday. What to consider to think about when you are going on holiday with a camper or car.

  1. Drivers license car and/or camper
  2. Spare car keys (with new battery)
  3. Vehicle registration certificate
  4. Insurance papers from the car and/or camper
  5. Cancellation insurance
  6. Roadside Assistance Service
  7. Technical manual vehicle
  8. Autobahn vignette
  9. Toll badges
  10. Environmental sticker abroad
  11. (European) claim form
  12. Warning triangle
  13. Safety vests
  14. Spare bulbs
  15. Jumper cables
  16. Fire extinguisher (min. 2 kilos)
  17. Waste bag for in the car
  18. Route maps

Drivers license car and / or camper

Without a driver's license, you can not drive any vehicle. This is important, but you also have taken your licenses with you. In every country, that is a rule, otherwise, you can't drive or rent a car anyway. Read those rules before you are going on holiday. It is important to know which rule every country has.

Sometimes you have to get a license before going on holidays for a vehicle with no normal car or caravan and/or camper license registration. Look that all up before going on holiday.

Spare car keys (with new battery)

It feels good to have the spare key of your vehicle somewhere in your back, for in case you left your main key in the car. If the last thing happens, you can not go back into your car.

Vehicle registration certificate

You need papers from the car or camper. It must say where it comes from, who is the owner, from which country, state, or anything else from the car. Also, where you bought it, where it is registered and all its certificates.

You need to know whether your vehicle has insurance or you have to ensure this (rented) vehicle yourself before going on holiday. Sometimes it takes time and you have to do it for months.

You need also a Green card for your car. This makes it easy to drive through the country you are in.

Also, when you have a caravan or a camper, you need a Green card for your caravan. You can drive easier through the country.

Insurance papers from the car and / or camper

It is good if you have insurance for your car or camper. What if you get an accident? You have to pay all the cost yourself when you're not insured for it. Every country has different rules. You have to take these papers with you when you are going by car or camper. A collision form is also what you need to be filled in. It is also what is in your insurance papers.

Cancellation insurance

When you need to cancel your holiday for what reason, you have to get insurance for the cancellation of your holidays and what you have to pay and what your insurance is going to pay.

Each country and insurance company has different rules, so learn them before going on holiday.

Roadside Assistance Service

When you have problems on the road, you have to call the Roadside Assistant Service. Save the phone number to your phone and write it on your papers in your holiday paper files and a small paper on the desk of your car.

Technical manual vehicle

When you are having your camper and car, or you are renting one, it is very good to have the technical manual of your vehicle. If there happens something, you can look if you can fix it yourself through the technical manual of the vehicle.

Autobahn vignette

Some countries or states, and even parts of a country want you to verify an autobahn vignette. They want you to have some sort of permission to drive there. Look for it before going on holiday. It is terrible to stand on the road, police next to you and have to pay because are not allowed to drive there.

Toll badges

In some countries, you have a toll pay toll before entering a part of that country. It is reasonable to pay attention to this before going on holiday. Count that these toll badges could be very expensive. But cheaper than paying each time entering the area.

Environmental sticker abroad

In some parts of a county, you may enter with a vehicle if your vehicle has an environmental sticker because a tour car or camper is green and good for nature and sustainable.

(European) claim form

What happens if you got an accident? You have to fill in forms about the accident and who was involved, what the cause was, and many more things. There are so many other things that could happen to your car or camper during your holidays.

Warning triangle

When you have bad luck on the road, and you can fix it yourself, you need a warning triangle as a warning for other road users. They need to know people are busy working on their vehicles.

Safety vests

Safety vests are very important when you don't have a swimming diploma. Especially then, but you always have to keep safety vests in your back of your car for in case you get accidents near water.

Spare bulbs

During dark days or in the evening or night, you have to use good and very bright light bulbs. They are also handy when your bulbs are broke.

Jumper cables

When you have bad luck on the road, you have need jumper cables to try at least to fix your car. For your mind, you need at least jumper cables in the car.

Fire extinguisher (min. 2 kilos)

When there will be a fire in your car, or elsewhere and you need a fire extinguisher, you can use it if you have it in your car or camper.

Waste bag for in the car

When you have to throw away things, it is handy to have waste bags in your car or camper.

Route maps

Bring your route maps offline with you as you might not have any WiFi near you. Then you can at least find your way to your destination.

Tickets for your holiday destination

Of course, you need to bring your tickets with you when you are going on holiday. You already know it, but still, I see a lot of people not bringing their papers with them. Some devices do not recognize the digital codes on your phone.

So, printing it is the best thing you have, and put it into your holiday administration file book. So, you have at least both. Put this administration file book in your bag you always have with you.

Clothes and shoes

No clothes and shoes, no holidays. For each person, and for each holiday, you need different clothes. You are not going to backpack on high heels. Or you are not going to a restaurant on your hiking shoes.


It depends on how long your trip is, how many items of each you have to pack, but I always keep in mind: how many sets do you wear during the weak, plus to or three extra. It also depends on what the weather gives us during the week.

  1. Dresses
  2. Shirts
  3. Underwear
  4. Jeans and shorts
  5. Skirts
  6. Socks
  7. Nightwear
  8. Sweaters
  9. Trousers
  10. Sportswear


Without shoes, you can not walk, at least, we don't do the walk without shoes these days.

  1. Flipflops
  2. Walking shoes
  3. Swimming flipflops
  4. Sandals
  5. Boots

And then I provide a list for you when you are going on holiday with your pets and children. These are just the essentials.

Bringing your pets

  1. Brush
  2. Pet passport
  3. Health statement
  4. Vaccination certificate pet
  5. Longline with ground spike
  6. Basket
  7. Toys
  8. Ticker
  9. Flea comb
  10. Feed and water bowl

Traveling with children

  1. Changing children's nappies
  2. Children's clothes and shoes
  3. Food and drinks
  4. Keep your child warm
  5. In traffic
  6. Playing and entertaining
  7. Toilet equipment
  8. Protection
  9. Shower and bath
  10. Changing pad
  11. Baby towel
  12. Baby wipes
  13. Baby monitor
  14. Baby food
  15. Baby ointment/oil
  16. Bath products
  17. Breast pump
  18. Belly carrier
  19. Cream for the cheeks
  20. Baby sling
  21. Drinking cup
  22. Fleece blanket
  23. Bottle warmer
  24. Pacifiers
  25. Identification tag / tape
  26. Camp bed/travel cot
  27. Children's paracetamol
  28. Stroller/buggy
  29. Crayons
  30. Cuddly toys
  31. Jug
  32. Diaper cloths
  33. Diapers + diaper ointment
  34. Milk bottles & teats
  35. Remedy for colic
  36. Anti diaper rash
  37. Remedy for earache
  38. Beanie
  39. Nose spray
  40. Parasol
  41. Baby bath
  42. Po
  43. Rompers
  44. Back carrier
  45. Bibs
  46. Toys
  47. Pacifier chain
  48. Thermos flask
  49. Sleeping bag
  50. Harness
  51. Cotton swabs
  52. Bouncer
  53. Nursing pads
  54. Child seat/booster seat

Before leaving your home

Before leaving home, check the following things if you have done it.

  1. Addresses / telephone numbers
  2. Leave holiday address
  3. Newspaper
  4. Post
  5. Plants
  6. Pets
  7. Refrigerator freezer
  8. Download: Roadside Assistance app
  9. Heating/thermostat
  10. Gas
  11. Water
  12. Toilets / drains
  13. Windows
  14. Electricity / light / CAI
  15. Burglary prevention
  16. Garbage bin/container
  17. Download: Holiday aid app
  18. Perishable goods

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Agnes Laurens
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