Train and Travel

by Sam Low 5 months ago in asia

A Perfect Balance

Train and Travel

Traveling is a wonderful journey, but it often conflicts with health and physical training. We need to have fun on our travels, but how do we find a balance between enjoying new cultures while maintaining our goals? My goals have always consisted of physical health and martial arts technique.

Over a year ago I embarked on a journey to the East to study the roots of martial arts. I spent eight months training gymnastics, Ido Portal movement, Muay Thai, Shaolin Gung Fu, and Tai Chi. I dedicated most of my time to training and had very little time to explore and see the culture beyond eating and a few moments of sightseeing. But to be honest, I didn't care to see any tourist attractions. I made new friends, experienced different cultures through people I met from around the world, and reached new levels in my physical training. But the balance wasn't quite there. I leaned more towards training than traveling and pushed my body to its limit every day. As a result, most of the time I was too tired to go out! I even missed a chance to go to an island party with a beautiful Thai girl and her friends! All because I felt it was necessary to focus on my training...

This year I embarked on a trip to the East once more to train in Thailand and take part in my first Muay Thai fight. I decided, two weeks of hardcore training, then I'm just going to take time off and explore Asia. It was the most remarkable time of my life, from the training, the new friends, and all the traveling. Was it perfectly balanced? Probably not, but we strive for perfection only to never reach it. "Better done than perfect, because perfect never gets done." - Jon Yuen

So I competed in my first Muay Thai fight (and kicked some fucking ass), got into a motorbike accident where I was so injured I couldn't train anymore (I still attended most classes and did whatever the fuck I could), explored Phuket, Thailand with new brothers-in-training (fucking dopest guys ever), and had the most insightful self-development I've had in my entire life. I left Thailand a different, stronger, wiser man than I had entered. And I was off to Vietnam.

Vietnam was a time of more travel and less training (but still some), relaxation by myself and recharging my introvert batteries. It brought unexpected love, joy, and new friendships. I enjoyed every single moment and once again left the country a different human being than I had entered. I couldn't have planned this type of journey or growth. I went with the flow, and the world took me on a beautiful journey.

Now I'm in Taipei, back to training with my new coach and brother, exploring the city while focusing more on training to get back to my dreams and goals. I'm setting up plans for an income so I can continue to live in Asia and explore all life has to offer. The world is full of beauty and wonder. Enjoy it.

With Martial Conviction,


And always love, good, and hopefully more wisdom,

Samuel H Low, The SAMurai.

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Sam Low
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