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Touring Jinji Valley in The Rain

by DanilBos 2 months ago in asia
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The spring rain was misty, and the Golden Ridge in front of us was full of smoke and clouds, hazy like a fairyland on earth. We carefully stepped on the wet stone steps and climbed towards the top of the Golden Rooster Ridge. Along the way, there was a cool breeze, and the rain sometimes flew leisurely, and sometimes splashed down, but it did not deter us in any way from enjoying the Golden Rooster Ridge in the rain. Look, a red, yellow, purple and blue umbrellas in the mountains like mushrooms flashing, a burst of cheering sounded over the empty and sparse valley, its situation, the situation can not be expressed in words. The whole Jinji Ling is a typical Danxia landscape. The brown and red cliffs can be seen everywhere, and all of them are standing abruptly and steeply. Under the gray and misty sky, the appearance looks a little scary. The deep and narrow valley, but the thicket of trees, vines and twine. The stems of the trees or leaves of different shapes, once washed by the spring rains, all without exception, where riveting glittering green, so a vibrant situation. Only the ancient city wall at the east gate of Jinji Ling is still in the vicissitudes of the wind and rain. According to the guide, the ancient city wall has more than 100 years of history, is the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Hong Xiuquan's sister Hong Xuanjiao built. The wall is built between two steep cliffs, which is quite an imposing way for a man to pass a hundred men. Standing on the wall, you can see all around you, and the realm is wide open. In particular, the mountain far and near everything in full view. Perhaps, because of this, Hong Xuanjiao's two female soldiers, after a hundred years of wind, rain and snow, still infatuation and perseverance on the post. However, the world has changed time and space, history is like a cloud of smoke drifting away. Once the fierce and cruel Qing soldiers have become ancient, and that shake the sky and the sound of sword fighting, rumbling artillery fire, and even the Virgin Mary Hong Xuanjiao herself along with countless sisters of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom also disappeared.

In the valley, there are only green shadows, shade, clear sky, or like today, like a long rain endlessly flying, everywhere there is a peaceful and tranquil scene. So, I seem to see, standing on the ancient wall of the two women soldiers, in a bewildered look around the mountain a set of wriggling and tourists, can not help but gloomy, and a drop of crystal tears can not help but follow the growing thin and old cheeks silently flowing. By the east gate along the steps, we climbed up to a word peak. A word peak cliff wall is steep and high handsome, I dare not look down. But standing on it, the scenery of Ping Shi was like a magnificent and beautiful painting, stretching out in front of our eyes. That deep and lofty endless canopy, that for the smoke deep lock entangled mountains, that fresh and lush full of vitality of the wilderness, that wash milky white infatuation surrounded by the river, as well as the town of Ping Shi high and low staggered colorful and beautiful buildings, all in the rain of spring silent, so leisurely and comfortable. Here, both the ancient and elegant natural appearance, but also reveal a few bold and spirited modern atmosphere, the two complement each other, harmoniously integrated into one, breathtaking. There is a sun-viewing pavilion on the Ichiban Peak, which is said to be able to feel the caress of the sun no matter in the morning or at dusk, but I think that even in this rainy day of spring, you can also enjoy the different style of Ping Shi. After climbing through a few deep valleys, we finally stood across the Golden Rooster Ridge and could get a closer look at the Golden Rooster. Is this the legendary Golden Rooster? It is made up of two huge brown and red rocks, but it has achieved a thousand years of vigorous majesty. The Golden Rooster is still standing tall, as it has been for thousands of years, watching over the Ping Shi below the mountain and the natural scenery near and far with warmth. She has been through the years, used to see the changes in heaven and earth, and has even seen a few of the world's sorrow and joy. But she knows that as long as the morning sun dawns and she sings, the sunrise will come out, and a new and beautiful day will come as expected. Perhaps this is how the Golden Rooster of Jinji Ridge reports peace for Pingshi year after year, leading the people of Pingshi step by step towards a happy tomorrow.

When I think of this, I can't help but respect the Golden Rooster. I also wished in my heart that Ping Shi and the whole world would be safe, lucky and happy year after year. It was time to go down the mountain. We came to see the cliff again. There are three lifelike pictures of Pan Gu opening up the sky, Nuwa mending the sky and Hou Yi shooting the sun. When we were there, we felt that the original magnificent natural scenery had added some mystery to it. On the picture, Pangu, the father of heaven, earth, man, gods and ghosts, is standing tall, majestic and upright, wielding the sharp axe in his hand, and cleaving to the infinite chaos despite the hardships, as if the powerful sound of opening up the heaven and earth still rumbles in the ears. The gentle and loving Nuwa was still far away in the wilderness and barbaric era, concentrating on creating people. Hou Yi, on the other hand, drew his bow and arrow and shot at the nine evil suns, willingly removing the scourges for the people and returning peace and tranquility to the earth. The spirit they embodied is the most precious spirit of our Chinese nation. It is also this spirit that has enabled mankind to struggle indefatigably in the long history, and finally overcome nature, transform nature, and create a beautiful world. I think, this spirit is used in the present, more far-reaching significance, to help promote a series of economic and social reform, towards the ideal goal faster and better ...... Yes, the spring rain Jinji Ling, hazy like a fairyland on earth, so in our eyes, page by page, over her beautiful and pleasant natural scenery, over her magical and moving. The myths and legends of her magical and moving. Along the way, we listened to the sound of murmuring springs in the mountains and felt the heavenly silence and freshness of the realm, which brought us peace of mind. Not only that, we also gained a valuable spiritual treasure. And I believe that with this spirit, why fear the difficult future of life? And why worry that the future is not bright? When thinking like this, occasionally look up at the sky, see the flying rain has long been converged, the gray sky, seems to faintly reveal a bright sunshine over.


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