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Top Songs to Listen to On the Beach

Soak in the summer vibes with these hits that are the perfect songs to listen to on the beach.

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Summer is quickly approaching and with it the season of sunblock, sand in between your toes, weird tan lines, and great music to listen to on the beach. Whether you’re on a vacation or happen to be blessed enough to live by one of the sandy coasts, no trip to the beach is complete with the ultimate playlist.

Don’t have time to compile your own playlist of summer approved hits because you’re too busy trying on swimsuits and learning how to snorkel? Chill out, we’ve got you covered. With this list of the eight top songs to listen to on the beach, it’s easy to relax in the sand and soak in all those summer vibes.

The hit single from their debut album, the Beach Boys’ legendary song "Surfin’ Safari" is the quintessential hit to listen to on the beach. Whether you’re a Beach Boy fanatic or not, there’s no escaping the jolly and insanely recognizable sounds of their California-inspired rock and roll when summer comes around. Not only is the most summer activity on the earth—surfing—basically written into the title, but you can hear the essence of the season oozing out of every note.

There’s no denying that the Beach Boys’ write excellent songs to listen to on the beach, and they should because it’s in their name after all. "Surfin’ Safari" was released by Capitol Records in 1962 and had a 37-week run on the US Top 100 charts. Not bad for a classic summer song that is still popular five decades later.

This classic 1959 hit by Eddie Cochran is one of his songs that secured his lasting legacy in the rock and roll hall of fame. Aside from being a catchy tune that was executed by Cochran to perfection, it also happens to be a great song to listen to on the beach. Eddie Cochran may have been America’s sweetheart until his untimely death at the age of 21, but underneath his polite exterior was an all-American rebel.

You can hear this desire to break free and rebel against the norm in the bluesy notes of this hit. That’s what summertime is all about isn’t it? Loosening your tie, drinking one too many margaritas and letting it all hang out at the beach. "Summertime Blues" perfectly encapsulates what it meant, and still means, to be young and having fun under the summer sun.

An iconic opening riff, smooth vocals and a sultry chorus, the perfect combination of ingredients to make the ultimate chill song to listen to on the beach. Seals and Crofts’ 1972 breakout hit "Summer Breeze," is as 70s as it gets. It’s calming, soft, sexy and makes you want to roll around in the sand with someone you love.

That’s why it’s an excellent song to listen to on the beach, when you’re on the verge of heat stroke and nearly passed out from the cooler full of beers you drank. If you’re looking for a mellow way to cool off on a hot summer day, try the always smooth and never old Summer Breeze, it “makes me feel fine.”

Summer is for three things: water, sun, and summer love. JT perfectly captures the sexy and exciting side of having a summer fling in his iconic 2007 pop hit, "Summer Love." Whether you’re on the prowl for the perfect summer love or just enjoy reminiscing about summer flings of the past, this is the perfect song to listen to on the beach daydreaming and googly-eyed.

Something about Justin’s sultry voice that cranks the heat up even on the coolest of summer nights. This top song to listen to on the beach will surely make you the life of the party and the apple of someone’s eye.

We’re throwing it back, way back to the playful summer vibes of The Drifters. "Under the Boardwalk" may very well be their ticket to eternal fame and for good reason. This song combines amazing vocals, a playful upbeat tune, memorable background singers and a catchy chorus.

What more do you need for the perfect song to listen to on the beach this summer? Grab your swimsuit and some cold drinks, and head “down by the boardwalk, under the sea, on a blanket with my baby is where I’ll be.”

The classic, the iconic, the unforgettable: Grease. Nothing evokes the joys and eternal struggles of being young and in love than the musical Grease. What’s more evoking of summer than youth and love all combined in one song? Nothing, that’s what.

If you’re looking for a fun song to instantly lift your spirits and transport you back to a simpler time where the girls wore poodle skirts and the guys all had leather jackets, then "Summer Nights" is just for song for you. It’s great to listen to on the beach, by the pool, or driving through the summer nights with your windows down.

That’s right, we put the Beach Boys on this list twice because they truly are the kings of all things summer. "California Girls" is an excellent song to listen to on the beach because it has all the classic Beach Boys’ signature sounds, catchy riffs, harmonizing vocals, and an undying love for the West Coast.

No matter what coast you happen to be on, "California Girls" is one of the top songs to listen to on the beach and all summer long.

1960 was a good year for Bryan Hyland, who had the entire country wrapped around his finger with his scream-inducing heart-throbbing hit, "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini." The message of how terrifying it can be to don a brand new bikini on the beach for the first time still rings true, making this hit a timeless classic.

It’s one of the ultimate summer songs and perfect to listen to on the beach while you soak up the sun in your very own yellow polkadot bikini.

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