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Top-6 Things to Do in Gibraltar

by Antony Burton 2 years ago in travel advice

Gibraltar will definitely charge you with energy and emotions.

Gibraltar is one of the smallest British colonies and the best tourist destinations in the world. It is home to some of the most exciting historical sites like the Great Siege Tunnels, beautiful beaches, unique rocks, the Moorish Castle remains as well as native mouth-watering cuisines. What many people don’t know is that Gibraltar hosts some of the biggest land-based as well as online casinos. These casinos are fully licensed and regulated by the government of Gibraltar to ensure that players are not exploited by operators. So, if you are planning on visiting this rocky island we have provided you with everything you may need to know.

#1 Try Gibraltar’s Cuisine

Though the limited agricultural engagements, Gibraltar is able to offer one of the best in both traditional and modern foods. Gibraltar Cuisine is one traditional food available to many local restaurants around the island. The food has been known to be the best in the area together with other varieties of the British style of foods.

#2 Land-Based Gaming Venues

This is yet another destination of casino of all kinds where you will have a chance to make away with numerous prices among many more numerous jackpots. Casino Admiral Gibraltar has a variety of licensed gambling operators by GBGA like the pool promoters, remote gambling, bookmarkers, betting intermediaries, gambling machines and lottery promoters. Most of the casinos are placed in hotels and restaurants, they offer different casino games like table games, slots and cards All these are licensed and regulated by the Gibraltar Licensing Authority which ensures the punters are safe to play the casino either for fun or money at any time you may need.

#3 Go to the beach

You will enjoy the cool oceanic climate while at the different beaches strategically located at the coastal strip. We have the sandy beaches located on the eastern side of the rock and the rocky beach which are on the western side of the same mighty rock of Gibraltar. The beaches include Camp Bay, Catalan Bay, Little Bay, Eastern Beach, Western beach, and Sandy Bay. The beaches here are mostly visited by the locals but the biggest and liveliest beach is Eastern Beach that has a variety of water sports and an airport at the end.

#4 Discover the Rocks

The island of Gibraltar has a giant rock lying at the sides of the shores. The rock is another exciting place for picknick as you will meet mighty caves as you go up not forgetting the monkeys who rarely miss the treetops and the caves. Climbing the top of this rock could be a good exercise for those who can want to utilize the opportunity the way the marine do it running up 1000ft in 20 minutes. The roads up the road are quite narrow which could be a challenge to those driving unless you are a good driver.

#5 Watch the Dolphins

The waters of Gibraltar especially at the Bay of Algeciras is truly rich in marine beauty including the bluefin tuna, whales and a huge population of dolphins. One of the most interesting scenarios is during the sunset where you will see the dolphins cruising and leaping in the clear sky blue waters of Algeciras. They have been identified as one of the most interesting features around the bay as many visitors stop by to see the way the dolphins jump over the bowl of small boats providing a good environment for photography and video recording.

#6 Visit the Old Town

The Old Irish Town is one of the liveliest streets in Gibraltar and has been known for long when its fame rose and was named after an Irish woman who had come in early 1720 to keep company the members of the British Garrison. The ancient building which came to be destroyed in Great Siege which ended in 1783, later on, was rebuilt in the 19th century to regain the beauty of the town.

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