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Things to Do in Bakersfield, California in 2021

by Philip Ho about a month ago in activities

What you can't miss in this beautiful place this year

Things to Do in Bakersfield, California in 2021
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The largest city in Kern County, California, Bakersfield is notable for its industrial focus and having luscious flora and diverse fauna to boast. From the city's arts and culture to science and nature, there are plenty of good reasons to travel to Bakersfield, California, this 2021.

Bakersfield History

Bakersfield is Kern County, California's largest city. Bakersfield has a population of 389,007 and is reputed to be one of the most populated cities in the United States. Apart from its tourist destinations, Bakersfield is a known mecca of energy and agriculture and other industries such as refineries and corporate offices.

Bakersfield’s history contains many remarkable chapters, from being one of the Native American settlement areas to 1952’s disastrous earthquake, right down to the boom of Bakersfield’s industries in the 70s. The most historic sites in Bakersfield are commemorated through buildings and churches. Noteworthy landmarks are registered into the National Register of Historic Places.

Bakersfield Attractions

There are plenty of reasons to make Bakersfield, California, your destination of choice this 2021. The city is full of historical landmarks, natural wonders, and museums. If your kind of getaway overlooks canyons, then the Kings Canyon National Park is for you. Should art be your cup of tea, head on straight to the Bakersfield Museum of Art to get your artistic fix? There is something for everybody in Bakersfield, California, this 2021.

Bakersfield Activities

Bakersfield Museum of Art- Kickstart your 2021 Bakersfield travel by visiting the Bakersfield Museum of Art. Contemporary, 20th century works by noted artists are up for display, so art enthusiasts are in for a treat. Fun activities such as Yoga at the Museum and guided educational tours are present to ensure you maximize your artistic experience.

Fox Theater- This 90-year-old theatre is considered one of the most important historical landmarks in Bakersfield, California. Fox Theater opened its doors to the public on Christmas Day in the 1930s and showed the first few films at the time. Extensive and continuous efforts to preserve this theater make it the sturdy historical site it is today. You don’t want to miss the Fox Theatre when you visit in 2021.

Sequoia National Forest- Nature lovers will truly enjoy the Sequoia National Forest in Bakersfield this 2021. The Sequoia National Forest has hiking trails with groves upon groves of breathtakingly tall sequoia trees, a hiker’s paradise indeed!

Bakersfield Entertainment

Bakersfield has loads of good entertainment for tourists and locals alike from its booming industries and its delightful natural wonders. After all, Bakersfield is famous for Bakersfield Sound or rock and roll influenced country music. Evidence of their impact on mainstream music is renowned Bakersfield artist Buck Owens, who also has a museum tourists can visit to grasp its impact fully. Besides country music, entertainment hubs tourists can flock to in 2021 are Camelot Park, a family-friendly amusement center. Visit Respawn, a laser tag game center for kids and adults alike, as well as several bars and venues perfect for exploring the city at night.

Bakersfield Lodging

Are you looking for a place to stay when you visit Bakersfield in 2021? Wonder no longer! Here are just some of the best venues you can stay in when visiting Bakersfield, California. The Padre Hotel is touted as an Old-West style hotel with excellent accommodations, restaurants, and bars, giving you an old meets new vibe. Try staying at the Marriott and Hilton Hotels for a convenient hotel experience with all the amenities you need. If you’re looking for a resort paradise feel, stay at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel with a luxurious pool complete with palm trees that will remind you of the beaches.

Of course, always consider the budget and destination before choosing your lodging when visiting Bakersfield in 2021.

Bakersfield Dining

Bakersfield, California, has plenty of dining options you can choose from. Dine at the Firehouse Rosedale Station for some classic American dishes, or head on straight to Mauricio’s Grill and Cantina to get a taste of Mexican flavor. Craving for Italian? Try Frugatti’s in Bakersfield to get your Italian fix.

Bakersfield Shopping

Located in Bakersfield are Central Park Antique Mall and The Shops at Riverwalk, both of which have everything you could want in a shopping mall. One can also do their shopping at the Mercado Latino, primarily family-owned and come with great live entertainment.

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