The Man, The Machine, and Mother Nature

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The Man, The Machine, and Mother Nature
Random shot from ~2015.

Seeing as how my most recent, and only two posts on driving were either a long list of random advice or a short run collection of brief anecdotes, I figured why not have a mashup of sorts? Without further delay:

1.) Picking up right where I left off essentially: Occasionally, it's acceptable and expected even to be improper in regards to the traffic laws. For example, it could be a very bad idea to attempt to do the speed limit on the interstate in the middle of a torrential downpour.

One more example to tie it all in: Some countries only have flashing yellow traffic lights at busy intersections because the danger of getting jacked and robbed is a self-evident fact of life. As Black Star indicated on "Yo Yeah" back in '98, you don't wanna be waiting at any empty intersection indicating the degrees of "how dumb and brainwashed some of our Brothers and Sisters are, while [you wait] for a green light to tell [you] when to go."

2.) All though it may seem like a decent idea initially, four wheeling in the woods while toking is a recipe for disaster; especially if you're riding shotgun and far from home; or so I've been told! Haha.

3.) I know that I more or less touched on this topic in both of my previous posts on travels and whatnot, though just to reiterate: If a so called Homie peer pressures you into taking even "just a baby sip" of Jägermeister (aka Jäger) on an empty stomach when he/she knows that you're underage and that you're finna get behind the wheel, they're not actually your friend. Cut them off "like yesterday!"

4.) Always keep water, snacks, and a charged up celly within arm's reach; because an August 2010 traffic jam in China is in The Guinness World Record Book for lasting 12 days; with the average vehicle taking about three days to get through a 62 mile (~100 km) stretch of road according to DriveTribe. Need I say more?

5.) Just because you're not able to see through your rearview mirror, and you're essentially blocking traffic on a main road, doesn't give you the right to ignore your other mirrors and/or back into the car immediately behind you. Crazy, I know!

6.) I've never personally been behind the wheel while scaling a huge incline, off-roading; however, rumor has it that you hardly ever want to back down once initiated; especially if the trees have a peculiar angle that is obviously worrisome. Besides, the view from the top of the summit can't be beat oftentimes.

7.) Speaking of which though, keep an emergency road kit along with a blanket and/or a decent (season appropriate) jacket or two. A change of clothes (including kicks) kept in the vehicle isn't the worst idea ever either.

8.) In addition to the previously mentioned kit, even Uncle Sam strongly recommends keeping a "72 hour kit" (aka a bug-out bag), or two packed and ready to go at all times. Theoretically, you want to be able to survive for at least a week or two in case you're poor, and/or a person of color, and Uncle Sam realizes as much before deciding to rescue you; if he decides to help out at all (Katrina).

9.) If you're ever in a national park or something similar, avoid missing your turn or exit at all costs. "Simple and plain"- Yasiin Bey ('06).

10.) Texting and driving sounds cool and all (not really). Quite contrary though, there's nothing cool about relearning to walk and talk; or worse yet, explaining to the federales why you brought hurt, harm, and danger upon innocent children quite possibly. Never mind the feasibility of wrecking solo with perfect driving conditions and still being on the hook for a portion (or all) of what was still owed on your automobile.

11.) I've only seen this happen once before; however, if you mistakenly run over a tree in your yard and procrastinate on replacing it, the grass will overtake that spot and you'll never again rediscover the original location.

12.) Random: Rumor has it that the most successful people in the modern world primarily listen to informative stories, interviews/podcasts, and/or speeches by wise people while going about their travels on the road. I believe that the term is "Drive-Time University"; which is infinitely more prudent than "Xbox University" as one of my sergeants once called the latter.


Tl;dr- Be wise and slow down, or at least cease the acceleration, in your turns. The rest of the pointers are to some degree or another in a similar vein.

Darrius Dickerson
Darrius Dickerson
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