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The Book Of Fate

by glamergirl9898 drea 5 months ago in fact or fiction

by Andrea Castro

I am Mariah Schualy, I am just an ordinary girl or so I was. I am a new yorker. I have always dreamed of being the most famous jewelry designer in the world. I have no car, and a studio apartment is what I call home. I work as a waitress saving every little bit I can to achieve my dream. In order to build my career I need money to start. One day on my shortcut in the alleyway something unusual caught my eye. It was a book with a blank black cover. When I opened it to the first page all it wrote “fate”. It was a book that could lead you to your dreams and desires by letting you know what path to choose for the best outcome for your life. Each event will be a new page telling you your 10 choices at the time that will change your life drastically. The back of each page tells you what will happen if you pick a path. Out of curiosity I flipped to the next page and it wrote 10 options and told me to choose. 1- skip work go home leave book, 2- turn back take long route with book, 3- put book down go to work, 4-keep book go to work, 5-keep book go left, 6-keep book go right, 7-keep book go straight stop and wait, 8-bring book home and research, 9- drop book and run to public place, 10-die. I looked at my options most ended with death or disability. My best option would be to keep the book. Option 2, option 8, and option 7. I have to go to work If I don't, I won't make enough to pay my rent. So I guess I will keep the book and take the long route to work. If I do this I will just make and avoid getting fired. I will also avoid being hit by a speeding car passing through a red light. *CRASH*. So it was right. If I continued like I was going to I would have gotten hit. The book is right and I should listen. Every event huh, so I guess I’ll find out when the next event is.

Later on in the day The book's pages glowed. I guess my best option is to go on my lunch break now. There is a car racing fast and a little girl running into the street while there's still a green light. I move without thinking and grab the girl and pull her back and out of the way. I survived and she survived. Avoided injury and helped somebody.

“Thank you miss, what's your name? How can I repay you? You saved my daughter's life.”girls father.

“I am Mariah, your welcome I just kinda moved on impulse when seeing her and the car I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time, hey are you ok sweetheart”

“Yes thank you”

“Here is a check to thank you for your kind actions”

“Uh thank you sir”

I didnt think about it at first but when I looked down I saw the number on the check. He wrote $20,000. I am not sure what I should do. I should invest some and save some too. I have to be smart just because it seems like alot doesnt mean I can give myself a break, but it does mean I can start getting involved in building my career. I believe in unique as a goal. Things that nobody has ever seen before. Untouched, unthought of. The clouds will always produce a new pattern. The tree’s will always grow a new branch slightly different from the rest. Thoughts are the designs I create in my head and out on paper. There is no such thing as not found, just not discovered yet. I want to uncover these designs and show them to the world. I now can see what others can’t. My book of fate gives me choices to choose from and tells me my best option. Some end in death, some end in loss. This book gave me a chance to stop losing. Maybe this world can be great as long as you avoid the cruel. That man never told me his name but he signed it on the check, Jeffrey Matton. One quick google search shows he is the owner of the biggest design company in the world. kotkofski company I am very impressed. I put $5,000 in my savings account. $15,000 for my other account. I allow the book to give me the info I need for so I can invest my money well and withdraw it at the best profit that i can. It's like having cheat codes in a video game. I was given a chance. I can finally afford to get the materials I need to make my designs. I’ll try to apply to a company as a well. I hope I can get my dream job. They have a job opening at kotkofski company. A quick check and it shows I should go with kotkofski company. That’s quite convenient considering I helped the dude and got paid for it. I somehow think this is to good to be true. I should go soon, we lose out on all opportunities that we don't go for.

I should at least try to look presentable for this job interview. I'll even wear my best piece of jewelry that I have made. I also wrote down a decent resume considering I haven't been able to work in the field till now. I think I will do well. The book hasn't been wrong yet and I doubt that it will. At the interview I was given a chance to talk and show off some of my recent designs and give examples of my work. I also told them why I think I would be a good fit in their company and how I would be great at working with others and incorporating my own ideas with others. This book led me down a path and gave me a little push to try. In the end I got the job. This is my chance to be somebody, it's my time to shine! It is my first day of work. I was put in the role of assistant. Report to office 332 and start on the work that was left for me. Maybe I will get to see the boss. I brought the book with me just in case something life changing or ending might happen. I have made it far without the book but I would have died if it wasn't for this book. My boss came into the room as I was just finishing up my assignments.

“I have come to great my new employee and see if you've finished the work I left you” Jeffrey

“I just finnish my assignments, it's a pleasure to meet you.”

“Great to see good work ethic in my new assistant. Have we met before?”

“I think so on the street, I used to work at a cafe”

“On that topic get me some coffee. I like it sweet with cream and bring it to my office next door. The lounge room is downstairs on the right. Also I'll have more work for you when you get back.”

“Ok I am on it”

Wow, what a spaz. Doesn't even say please. I mean, I know their boss and they're probably busy but dang do some people get angry without their daily dose of caffeine. Their present is different from the day I saved his daughter. Wait, that means he’s potentially married oh well. There's plenty of other eligible bachelors. Hopefully I can find somebody better than some sleeze ball that I meet at the cafe. So he wanted coffee. Oh darn I forgot what he told me. I just make it how most rich people like it with lots of sugar and some cream.

“I have your coffee for you”

“Thank you I left some work on your desk since you finished the other paperwork”

“Enjoy your coffee”

I am glad to be out of there. The air in the room felt thick and dangerous. I should check the book. I feel like I need to. The book glowed in my bag and I started to look at the next page. I have only three choices. Give the book to my boss, keep it or hide it. None of these seem like good endings. If I give the book up I lose my security. If I keep it I lose my freedom if I don't give it up when the book is found. If I hide it I will lose my job. Who knows about this book?

“Whatcha reading there?” Jeffery

“I am adding to my diary” Mariah

“I know that book I actually lost it so don't bother lying to me”

“The book warned me about this”

“So you know you don't have any options right now”

“I have two: give it to you or don't”

“If you don't then you have to follow my bidding since it’s my book”

“So this is what it meant by lose my freedom”


“The book gives decisions that help me”

“Not exactly, it can only be used by humans in the end. I control what it says”

“So you needed a new puppet, is that all I am?”

“Precisely the old one died trying to escape”

“I could just let you have it and keep my job”

“Yes but then you’ll never amount to much”

“I was nothing before so naught has changed”

“Shouldn't you choose to take a chance and accept my offer? You'll have no need to work so hard”

“Sounds tempting but I could never chance losing myself”

“You intrigue me”

He left and didn't take the book. I opened the book and the text changed. I choose a different ending one the book didn't have. I am safe and was left with the book. I guess I can go home. It's getting late and only felt like a few hours. I never thought this book had history but I guess it makes sense. I don't know what I have just wandered into. His presence didn't scare me even though he didn't look human. With horns and fangs of a wolf along with shadowed arms coming from his back. Instead of his hair being pulled back it was let down in long luscious locks of blackened stars. I’ll have to go back but I kinda want to. I need to find out who he is. I have questions. I still have a job to do but, next time I see him I need questions to be answered.

“I need you to watch my daughter while I go into a meeting”Jeffery

“Ok whats her name?”Mariah

“Lilith” answered the girl

“Nice to meet you”

“Do you know about the black book?”


“Do you know why I was allowed to keep it”

“Did papa tell you”

“No he didn’t. I was hoping to find out”

“You’ll find out soon. All you have to do is remember”

“Remember what?”

“I am not allowed to tell you, papa forbids it”

His meeting should have ended by now I should bring her back

“If your done with your meeting you can take care of your daughter”

“Come here”

“Why would I do that”

“You wanted to know why you are allowed to keep the book right”


He kissed me. I remember now. I was married and had a home. I had this book before and it was stolen from me. I got into a crash and lost my memories. I had no clue who I was and did not have a phone on me.

“She is our daughter and it has always been your book one to keep you safe”

fact or fiction
glamergirl9898 drea
glamergirl9898 drea
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