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The Best Things to See on Your Trip to Morocco

by Alex Schnee 2 years ago in africa
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Don't miss these spots!

The Best Things to See on Your Trip to Morocco
Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

Ah! Narrowing down the best things to do in Morocco is like trying to choose your favorite dessert. It can be so hard to choose what you want to see when you are there--especially when you have a limited itinerary. However, there are some spots that I would recommend you pick over others when you don’t have the time to hang for months in this amazing country.

Here’s what you should make sure is on your list when you are visiting Morocco for the first (or tenth!) time. Trust me, it’s the kind of place you’ll want to return to again and again.

Best things to see in Morocco

The Sahara Desert

While you can experience the Sahara in several other countries, Morocco boasts that amazing orange-looking sand and stunning dunes. It also offers some incredible opportunities to camp in the desert for any budget, whether you are a backpacker looking for a deal or you want to enjoy the peace in style. This is also where you can get your camel fix in!

Fes and the medina

Fes is my favorite city in Morocco, and its medina is not only the largest and the most complex, but also arguably the most vibrant. Fes is also the location of one of the first universities in the world, and it served as a safe location for Jewish people escaping from the Spanish Inquisition. All this leads to a variety of cultural heritage and flavors that you can’t experience anywhere else. Also, make sure not to miss the tanneries--you certainly won’t miss the smell!

The Atlas mountains

Did you know that Morocco isn’t all deserts? It also offers some stunning mountains topped with snow (and a ski resort--who would have thunk?). This is the spot for hikers and those looking to experience a different kind of nature. You can choose to stay here for a night or two, or take a bus ride through the peaks and valleys of the mountain range.

Meknes and the royal stables

Meknes is one of the lesser-visited spots in Morocco, but one of my favorites. Along with stunning architecture, you can also visit the incredible royal stables where the prince there was said to keep over 1000 horses. It also has a charming city center with open market worth checking out.

Ait Benhaddou

Known for its role in movies such as the Prince of Persia and The Mummy, this was a part of a camel route and has been standing since the 11th century. It’s now a UNESCO World Heritage site and is made up of packed clay and wooden beams. Many tours will take you there when you are headed from one spot to another.


Marrakech is many travelers’ favorite part of Morocco, and there’s a ton to see here for several days. Whether you choose to head to the winding medina or plan to check out the Jardin Majorelle, Marrakech is a vibrant city with a lot to take in. Plan to spend at least three days here in order to truly get the feel for this amazing spot.


Chefchaouen is the photogenic darling of Morocco, and it’s likely that you have seen numerous Instagram posts featuring this delightful little city. It also offers a much different feel than the rest of the country in its spot up in the mountains. Covered in the color blue, it was one of my top spots on my second trip there.


As the main political center of Morocco, you can find the monument to Mohammad V, Morocco’s most influential king, here. Rabat offers an interesting mix of modernity and ancient structures. Be sure to check out the bi-colored medina and the many museums that are available here. Rabat is big, so don’t be afraid to consider a taxi.


Looking for some time on the coast? If you want to experience some water spots, Tangier is one of the best places for it. It’s also the best place to cross from Morocco to Spain, as well as being a lovely city in its own right. Also, you can ride camels on the beach--not something to miss!

Ouzoud Waterfall

Buried deep in the Atlas Mountains is Morocco’s most impressive waterfall. While it can take a little effort to get there, it is well worth it for the cascading water into a gorgeous pool. You can also take a boat on the water and float right next to the falls. You’ll need to book a day trip if you would like to go.


Want to see some amazingly intact Roman ruins that aren’t located in the Eternal City? Volubilis was one of outposts of the Roman Empire in Africa and one of its larger cities in the area. Plan to spend at least half a day wandering through this awesome sight--it features mosaics that are in surprisingly good condition.


The resort town of Essaouira looks like something out of Game of Thrones and provides a relaxing atmosphere compared to the hustle and bustle of Marrakech and Fes. Including a mixture of cultures including Portuguese, Spanish, Berber, and Jewish, it also features a giant seawall perfect for photographers to snap.


Casablanca is Morocco’s capital and, of course, famous for the classic Hollywood film. You can visit Rick’s Cafe, which was created after the movie, and you’ll want to make sure to visit the Hassan II Mosque--the seventh-largest in the world. Take a walk along the promenade on the coast or try some of the delicious seafood there.

Moulay Idriss

This small town is a sacred spot for many Moroccans. As the burial place of Idris I, the first major Islamic leader of Morocco, citizens all over the country head here for a pilgrimage. While it was much harder for tourists to visit in the past, it has opened up a lot recently in order to educate visitors about Morocco’s history.

Have you ever been to Morocco? What did you enjoy the most?

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