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That Was Lucky

by Amber Fierce 5 months ago in nature

Based On True Stories

That Was Lucky
Photo by Robbie Palmer on Unsplash

We live in Canada. Our lives are focused on survival, from migrating to hunting, to hibernation. Nature can be cruel to us, but not this time. Living in The Rocky Mountains of Canada can be a knowledgeable and humbling experience.

The heat from the sun made the landscape as hot as fire, and the rays were nearly cauterizing my scales. I had to find shade or my last day on earth would've been that one.

I found a nook in a rock, it was perfect. I desperately snaked my way to salvation. It was the prefect hiding spot from predators and from the unforgiving heat of summer.

I remember that day of survival. I had to rest to keep my strength up for hunting that afternoon. I didn't expect to be found by humans. A little boy landed on the rock in front of me. We both scared each other.

"Rattle snake! Rae there's a rattle snake right there." He shouted to his sister.

"What? I want to see!" His sister Rae jumped down onto the rock to see me. I didn't feel as threatened by this. Probably because I knew she was coming. When the little boy jumped down the first time, he nearly gave me a hear attack. Unfortunately, I was exhausted from the scorching heat. I couldn't stay alert while they looked at me.

I faintly heard the little boys sister say "Okay... It looks like it's trying to sleep Brent. Let's tell dad about it. It's so cool that we found one. We should probably take the longest route to get back on the taller rock. Doing it quietly would probably be nice for the snake." The two of them did just that for me. They found their dad whom wasn't far away and informed him of my existence. "Dad! Brent and I found a rattle snake!"

"How did you guys find a rattle snake?" Their dad inquired.

"Well, Brent and I were jumping on all these really big, cool looking rocks. Brent jumped on a lower one. Then we heard a really loud hiss and rattle! Brent jumped. He was lucky he didn't fall off the other side of the big rock."

All I thought at the time was 'No, please stop telling your dad about me, please. I don't want to be bothered. It's just a really hot day, that's why I'm in the nook of this rock.'

I thought I would have enough shelter because of a little plant that was in front of me. I couldn't believe I had blown my cover when I hissed, and my rattler went off... I couldn't control it.

I could feel the vibration of their foot steps getting closer, the kids were fine. I didn't want any confrontation with larger humans though. I just wanted a bloody nap!

They led their father right to me. He grabbed a stick and started trying to get me out of the rock I was stationed in.

I hissed and rattled at him "Stop poking at me! Please.. If I am on the hot rocks for too long my blood will boil, and that's not just an expression. My blood will boil and I will die. I saw it happen to my cousin. Stop trying to get me out of the nook of this rock. I'll bite you! I don't want to, but I will!" Then their father gave up.

"Alright he's not coming out of the rock, and I'm just pissing him off. It's best we just leave him... Or her?"

The sister; Rae, was still intrigued by my presence in her province. "I didn't know rattle snakes lived here in Alberta, Dad. Did you know that?"

"Yes, Rae. I knew that." The father replied with a hint of attitude. Then explained further, "he is a Prairie Rattle Snake. They live in The Badlands, and in The Prairies. Hence the name of the snake." Their family conversation faded off in the distance.

I was lucky that day.

My name is Juniper. I am a rattle sake and I live in The Badlands of Alberta, Canada. Other snakes including my species live in the south of Canada. There are six species of snake in this country, but I am the only venomous one.

By Karl Ibri on Unsplash

The moon was full and bright that night. Her beautiful face illuminated the mountain forests. With a tender glow, her light kissed everything it touched.

My herd was in Banff and we had just settled in for the night. I did one last perimeter check. Just to make sure we would survive this relaxed summer evening. We were in the town, near Banff Center For Arts And Creativity. The summer had just started but there was a party going on indoors. I slowly walked towards it to take a closer look.

I heard foot steps behind me. It was a park ranger his hand was at his hip, ready to cock his tranquilizer gun if necessary.

I rounded the corner and saw a teenage girl playing a game with a little boy. They were running back and forth. It was too dark for them to see me. I stepped closer.

The little boy saw me first and he stopped. I must have surprised him from my quiet presence. Then the teenage girl stopped for a moment and looked passed the little boy. She saw me and her eyes widened.

The ranger bent his legs ready to react if I did. I knew he was there, but I continued to look at the little boy and the teenage girl. Then the boy started walking towards me.

"JASON!" the teenager yelled. "Come back, please." I was and still am a massive herbivore. I am three to four times the size of a human. I didn't feel any need to protect myself, or the herd form these two. They were just playing a game. They were no threat to us.

I took my leave so we could all enjoy a peaceful evening. As I went the ranger still followed, and I could here the teenager say tenderly in the distance. "I'm sorry I shouted at you. I was just scared. That animal is much bigger than you and I. He could hurt either of us, and not just because of his antlers. I hope you understand."

Then I was back to my heard grazing behind the line of cars that seemed to go on for kilometers. We enjoyed a very calm, and refreshing dinner before the next days journey towards Canmore. It was a beautiful and lucky night.

My name is Zeus, I am a bull elk. The females in my heard are called cows, and our babies are known as calves. This system goes for moose as well, but not deer. Male deer are known as bucks, females are known as doe, and their babies are known as fawns.

Some humans are not aware that we are a dangerous group of animals. We may be herbivores but we can defend ourselves with more than just our antlers. Our hooves are razor sharp and can be used like knives.

We live in the Yukon, British Columbia, and Alberta. Generally we live in the Kootneys.

Bearing its cold-icicle like teeth, the cold winter air bit at my fur coat. It was time for me to hunt. In Alberta there are no rats, so mice and squirrels are my best source of food. Bunnies would work too. In Canmore Alberta there is an infestation of them. I lived higher up the mountain at that time though.

I jumped up on a slippery log and checked my surroundings. There was forest running up the three sister mountains, and there was human territory.

I looked inside one of the windows of the building that was in front of me. Humans were sitting in lines watching another human. They looked like they had small twigs in their hands.

One girl was staring out the window. Then she saw me. Her eyes widened. Maybe she thought I was going to hurt her? I'm not sure. Either way, I scurried. I started off slowly, then more humans started staring out the window at me. I ran faster.

That building had a loud sound that went off at certain times of the day. Judging by the sun on that day, it was almost that time. I had to escape before the humans came around to get a closer look.

I was lucky that day. I found a mouse in one of the tunnels they burrow in the snow, and I got away from grabby humans. I would have defended myself if I had to though.

My name is Caylee, I am a Pine Marten. My species live across Canada in The Boreal Forest. I am an aggressive hunter. I can take down snowshoe hares, and marmots. The biggest rodent in Canada is the beaver. Weasels, otters, muskrats, skunks, badgers, and the black footed ferret live her with me too.

It was a crisp fall morning, and the grass I stepped on crunched under my hooves. Jack frost had paid a visit to my plains in Alberta. It was around that time that nature was an unforgiving cold in the mornings, then pleasantly warm during the day.

My species is barley seen by humans. We try to keep a low profile. Hunters would stuff our heads, and mount them to a wall if we weren't as careful.

That day I was falling behind the herd. I needed to catch up or I would have been left behind. They already made it to the other side of the road. I was saving up my energy for a more important time, but it was needed to catch up. I started to trot leading myself into a galloped. I got to the edge of the road and I leaped.

A car got close to me with in seconds, I didn't think it would be that fast. Luckily, I made it to the other side of the road untouched.

My name is Kalvin. I am a pronghorn, and am also known as an American antelope. I live in the grasslands of Eastern Alberta, and Western Saskatchewan in Canada. Few humans here can say they have seen me.

By Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

There was more sound there then usual. My echolocation was picking up moths, and other prey during that spring night. In Invermere (British Columbia) Canada, there are very large moths. Perfect for hunting. I could also hear humans. They were talking, and laughing.

The crackling of a fire reached my ears. I was in a tall tree above the humans. I tried to relax, then I flew over top of their camp and the heat blew hard into my face. I lost control of my flight pattern and fell.

I landed with a light thud, on one of the humans heads.

"AHH! OH MY GOD!" The human screamed. "GET IT OFF ME! GET IT OFF!" I nearly threw up from the bouncing. Finally she settled enough for me to get away from her and the rest of the humans

My name is Bailey. I am a fruit bat and I live across Canada. I hibernate and I migrate to warmer places. I am an insectivore which means I eat insects, and fruit is pretty good too.

By Johannes Giez on Unsplash

The early morning sun lights up our brown coats. The early night brings a glow of twilight shining on our horns. These times of the day is when we can be seen. We don't hide from humans, but we do like to keep our distance. We stay on the highways where humans don't walk, and we can climb rock walls.

Many humans have seen us, probably even the same ones. They fly by in their cars, some slow down for our herd and pass slowly.

My name is Denice and I am a bighorn sheep. I live in the rocky mountains of western Canada. Males, females, and our young all have horns. We can also climb huge rock walls, and we can do it because our hooves that are like suction cups.

Nature is beautiful, usually unforgiving, and relentless but not during these times. These beautiful creatures took part in days of my life. Living from one end of Alberta Canada to the other, too having camping trips to Invermere British Columbia. Living in The Rocky Mountains of Canada is a knowledgeable and humbling experience.

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Amber Fierce
Amber Fierce
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