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Take a Risk

by Zibby Progress 2 years ago in nature

Firefly away

The greatest enjoyment I've had, waiting for the summer, is when spring rolls around in the desert, because many trees bloom with excitement and push these beautiful blossoms for a season of allure and beautiful fragrance. This is the highlight of my year and it comes and goes.

Well as much as I would have loved to make this story about these beauties, I'm going to shift my focus to something even more magical. Being that this is the highlight of my journey being from a desert and all, I am going to tell you about an experience that left me in glimmering tears of wonder.

I love to travel, not that I have much experience, but I'll be doing a lot of it soon, and I found some just recently. It was truly a mission and a half. I gracefully made both of my flights. The connection was a little rough.

Apparently inside of the Dallas Fort Worth Airport, Terminal A is not anywhere near Terminal B, like you would think so. Well with twenty minutes to make it, I was off to the races, discreetly to not raise any alarm.

Two escalators and a skybridge later, I arrive to Gate 21B. I found my seat, and It was off to Chattanooga, where my Uber driver took me to the wrong Hotel once I finally made it. The next morning was truly disorienting, but I am happy to say, I've been through worse, and this was a cake walk.

I finally was in Chattanooga, and I hate to say it, but I'm really enjoying the humidity. Definitely a change from desert weather, and the sky even looks a little different too. A little more blue. For whatever reason, so many think that the more humid it is, the worse the heat is, this is not true, and not even partly. I can tell you, this was utter bliss to me. First off I enjoy being hot and secondly, I wouldn't mind going for a dip anyways and with the humidity like it is, my skin is feeling nice, and the subtle damp weather is really working with my hair.

Night nearly came around and I enjoy myself a walk or two most evenings just to wind down. So as a child of wander as I am sure you are, I was up for a quest or seven, you know? Upon looking at nearby parks, I was certain to roll down a hill or two, maybe catch myself a swing or anything. Supposedly a park was down the road and it sparked my interest, (the park was never to be found.) I just kept walking down my way. No worries here).

I'm walking down and there was something flashing in the corner of my eye. I had to be making it up though, there was nothing to see when I turned my head and focused my vision. After psyching myself out a few times, I noticed just the cutest bug of my whole life flying by. And then boom! It lit up. I've never felt this feeling in my whole life, amazement and spectacle warm inside my heart. Now I began to notice them everywhere, what a beauty they are, and I am so happy that my journey has brought me here and I didn't even come here for that!

Just jump into the next adventure and when you're not sure, jump anyway. Either way it makes for a great story, and whenever you can you'll see the flicker of new excitement well up inside your heart and then that's where you will set your mind.

You can find me in the middle of a forest in Chattanooga catching myself some fireflies. That's the beauty of making your own path in this world, you have the creative license to do so, and that can never be taken away from you. I never cease to be amazed by the world I live in, the people I meet, and the adventures I rough myself into. Please never stop learning, and always keep your chin up, child! The world awaits for your smile to shine in it.


Zibby Progress

I will always share what my heart desires and show you a world you have never seen before help me accomplish my goals of sharing the love! I am always finding ways to help my friends, family and strangers around me. Health and construction.

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Zibby Progress
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