Struck Gold

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Struck Gold

A week stay on the Gold coast of Costa Rica has spoiled me. Paradise is the best word to describe it. Guanacaste was amazing. My grandparents have had a timeshare for years, and they love to travel so they racked up enough points to get this amazing four floor home built alongside the cliffs of the beach. I was financially blessed in 2018 to grab a room, and be a part of this week-long international experience. There was everything you needed from views, to an infinity pool, a beach right below you, along with a beachfront restaurant. There were three restaurants in walking distance, but there was also a beautiful grill at the house on the third-floor deck along with the infinity pool. Officially, I am completely obsessed with this idea of renting a house for every vacation!

Honestly, the house felt like Pablo Escobar’s vacation home with the furniture, wood closets, kitchen with all your needs, and maids every day. No need to make your bed; you could throw on your bathing suit and take the elevator to the third floor where the kitchen and infinity pool were. The steps were a spiral, following the twisting hallway. The first two floors were for the wine cellar, laundry, and garage entrance to the house. The actual living space started on the third floor.

There were five bedrooms, and one had four beds in a bunk bed format. There were beautiful white headboards on all the beds; it was set up for four children, however, adults could sleep there, if necessary. All bedrooms had a private bathroom, TV equipped with a Netflix account, and there was one public bathroom on all floors as well. The master bedroom, the second bedroom, and the outdoor entrance space featured outdoor showers. The amenities were more than luxurious, they made sense. If you went down to the beach you could wash comfortably in the house’s outdoor shower. There were no places down by the beach to wash your feet, despite the sand being black due to volcanic ash. Not only was there an infinity pool to look over the beach, but a jet pool right next to it. The doors in the kitchen leading to the balcony were strong 12 feet sliding doors. They opened up to a beautifully crafted huge wood table. My dream balcony every inch. The kitchen and living room were open concept, and the kitchen featured a wide enough island built in the center that could sit a maximum of eight people. Doors to the third-floor balcony were in the living room. The miscellaneous decorations throughout the house I could do without, the house as a blank slate would be a dream.

Costa Rica is a humid country, green and lively. The temperature of the ocean is in sync with the day's temperature. The black sand was warm and cozy on your feet, making the experience even more lovely. There were howler monkeys and lizards at the beach. As we drove the country to the car rental shop, WalMart, our excursion, etc. the farms were filled with cows and horses of grey, white, and black colors. Our excursion exposed us to other parts of the country that tourists may not be privy to whereas the locals may be tired of the ‘scene’. Included in the excursion package were the following activities: zip line, horseback riding, ‘lazy river tubing, hot springs, mud baths, lunch, and rock climbing. I vow to budget enough to afford mega excursions on every international vacation. The water was cold, but just enough to cool you down. The rapids were not too rough, and cruising down the river was a special scene to take in. During our trip, we encountered some locals hanging out. There were about ten women, men, and children along with three dogs. Two boys were smoking marijuana, and jumping into the river from the cliffs on the right side. The water was not that deep, so the boys were not jumping from the highest point on the cliff, but they still seemed to be enjoying their experience. The zip lines, there were nine, were breathtaking; it felt amazing to breeze past the trees. Not to mention the breeze was another way to fight the humidity.

The mud baths were a unique experience. The mud had a funky smell however, as a result, my skin was smoother for a minimum of two weeks. I opted out of a few activities due to still being within the six-month time frame of a surgical procedure. Regardless of whether or not you participated in all activities, or just one, the fee per person was $ 100 US. I recommend every tourist to spend on a ‘mega-adventure excursion’. The location, local food, customer service, the entire experience was worth it. The tour guides are helpful, well trained, and polite. I truly appreciate it as I know it must be tiring entertaining tourists 24/7. They are numb to their country’s natural landscapes that serve as tourist sites for the country’s economy. Your tour guide is also a source of knowledge for the country’s history, and current state of livelihood.

Overall, this trip served as a great source of relaxation, amazing views, and great food. I am of Latin descent, so I love Latin food, I knew the food would be good before I got there. The first night we cooked to sort of break in the new house for the week. It was such a gorgeous night to eat on the deck surrounded by family. Other nights we went out to eat. Most restaurants served perfect sized portions enough to fill you up, or to have for leftovers. I can’t find many complaints about the house, or the country itself. I wanted to inform everyone that new experiences are worth having! Costa Rica is definitely a country worth visiting, and our dollar is worth more there. If I could visit that beach in Guanacaste every summer I would be a happy, happy, happy girl!

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