Spend a Weekend at E3 Theme Park in Wayanad

E3 Theme Park in Wayanad

Spend a Weekend at E3 Theme Park in Wayanad
E3 Theme Park in Wayanad

ance of picturesque beauty. The verdant hills, mesmerizing waterfalls, scenic rivers, lush mountains, enchanting backwaters, exotic flora, and fauna are the largesse of mother earth to the globe. The globetrotters who are visiting Wayanad can also drop a visit to this newly emerged E3 Theme Park located in Neelome Wayanad district. This engaging family tourist spot is just 20 kilometers away from Manathavadi. This eco friendly park is indeed a boon from nature. Sundry fascinating, diverse, and delightful activities to indulge in this theme park will make you active for one whole day and since it makes your Kerala trip memorable.

The conviction behind the three E's is portrayed in are Education, Environment, and Entertainment. The natural settings of this theme park are very commendable. The entire theme park and its implements are built without harming nature. The major attractions of the E3 Theme Park are given below.

Enjoyable things you could look out for at E3 Theme Park

1. Tribal Village

Tribal Village is not a rare sight in Wayanad, a district that has got a sizable number of tribal populations. A particular portion of the theme park is reserved for the tribal dance and other live performances by the authentic tribal communities of Wayanad. The audience can also have a few steps along with them. These live performances are held in a primitive hut erected in the premises of the theme park. Near to these huts there is also an art gallery that exhibits the earliest household apparatus made in woods and bamboos. Another speciality is the Herbal Museum in the park. The visitors can indulge in pot making in traditional chakras. It is really interesting to do things here.

2. Aviary

Aviary is the ultimate destination for the bird lovers. Parakeets, Macaques, and Gala cockatoos are found to be playfully flying in Aviary. All these birds are provided with large space so that they can fly around freely. A wooden walkway is provided for the visitors. You can inspect many eye-catching birds and you can also capture beautiful pictures of the birds. There are no restrictions for the cameras inside the Aviary. You might be wondering about the beautiful settings and ambience of Aviary. Aviary is the most significant crowd puller in Wayanad and absolutely a rare one in the entire state.

3. Action Zone

What if you get an opportunity to have some fun and to burn some calories while strolling in the E3 Theme Park. The Action Zone is for you. A plethora of indoor activities are being held in the theme park including the mini basketball, net cricket and many more. Not just the kids, everyone can have a jolly time over here. Enjoying the most fun filling activities at modest rates is really economical. The Action Zone also hosts 12D shows for the visitors. Thus including E3 Theme Park in your Kerala tour packages is really worth the money.

4. Dino World

Strolling through the Dino world in E3 Theme Park offers you the popular Jurassic Park movie scenes. The giant statues of dinosaurs are installed amidst the wild spaces of the park. There are also many tiny artificial creatures arranged in the Dino World and you can find them on close inspection. These tiny creatures also make spooky sounds along with their movements. The visitors can take photos in the Dino World. You can also touch the creatures here. These live looking statues that close and open eyes are really a blissful arena. Must visit the Fossil Hunting museum in the Dino World.

5. Boating

Even though the water body in the premises of E3 Theme Park is not so vast and lengthy the park offers an interesting peddle-boat riding across the water bodies. Behold the lush greenery, large trees on the banks of this artificial lake while boating with your beloved. There are some restaurants that also function that offer mouth watery dishes. At the end of this stunning artificial lake there is a fascinating waterfall also situated. This artificial waterfall also attracts every visitor with its pristine charm.

6. Moss Garden

The very first sight in the Moss Garden that steals every mind is the adorable fountains set up in the garden. While strolling in the garden you might come to see many unique breeds of flowers and plants that grow here in the Park. You can acquire a lot of information from the staff in the garden like the scientific name of the flowers and plants. You can find a statue of an elephant on the lake side. This life-like statue attracts a lot of travelers. On the top of this statue there are grown few shrubs. A gentle walk under the canopy of large trees offers you a refreshing feeling.

7. Adventure Zone

The Adventure zone is filled with a lot of thrilling activities including Rifle Shooting, Rappelling, Zip-lining, magnetic fall, Archery and Rock climbing. In which the Zip-lining is available for the tourists around 300 meters long. Seize the glimpse of gerrenery and dense vegetation beneath you. The E3 Theme Park is a feast for the adventure lovers. Must try the fascinating rides here to feel the adrenaline rush at lowest prices.

The E3 Theme Park is open from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm. The visitors should take entry tickets that possess Rs. 450 for kids and senior citizens, Rs. 550 for adults. The engaging places like E3 Theme Park in Wayanad is a boon to Kerala Tourism. Witnessing the most enchanting nature with your beloved is really anb awe inspiring experience. So when you are planning an expedition to these splendid locations never skip making a call to Seasonz India Holidays. The leading tour operators with diverse tour packages.

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