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Sorrento Holiday Rentals: 7 Key Things To Consider

by James Corby 2 months ago in travel advice
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Sorrento Holiday Rentals

If you're planning a holiday in Sorrento, there are a few things to consider before booking your accommodation. You'll want to be close enough to the water so that you can enjoy the views, but not so close that it's noisy and crowded. In addition, you will want somewhere with easy access to restaurants and cafes where you can grab some food and drinks whenever you feel like it. Sometimes, these places aren't always available when traveling.

We've listed everything we think is important when looking for somewhere to stay; from getting around once there, what kind of facilities are provided by your holiday home (or nearby), parking facilities in the area, etc…

Getting to And From The Airport

When you're booking a holiday rental in Sorrento, it's important to account for all the elements of getting from point A to point B. The location of the airport is essential, as well as how easy it is to get there and how much it will cost. If you're planning on driving, make sure you know what time the last flight leaves so that you can plan accordingly (for example, leaving early enough so that if your car breaks down or gets into an accident, there's still time).

What There is to do Locally

When you’re booking a holiday rental in Sorrento, you first need to find out what there is to do locally. You want to be able to make the most of your trip and spend as much time exploring as possible.

To help with this, we've put together a list of things that you can do in Sorrento:

  • The Amalfi Coast has some amazing scenery which makes for great photo opportunities. The drive along the coast is also spectacular because it winds through tunnels, over bridges and passes by lush green hillsides before finally reaching the sea.
  • If you enjoy art,, visiting Galleria Ritz might be on your list of things to do whilst in Sorrento; it hosts an impressive collection of modern artworks by world-famous artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh, and Matisse!

Restaurants And Cafés in the Area

When searching for a restaurant or café, look for the following:

  • The name of the establishment.
  • A short description, including what it specializes in (i.e., pizza, pasta).
  • A link to the website or Facebook page.
  • The address and phone number of the establishment.

Facilities Within Your Holiday Home

Check the facilities within your holiday home.

  • Where is the bathroom? Is there a window, or will you be bathing in darkness? Is there enough space to move around comfortably? What type of shower/bath is it, and are there enough towels provided?
  • Where is the kitchen? Is it fully equipped, or could you do with some utensils or crockery missing from your inventory? If it's not equipped with everything you need for cooking meals for yourself and your family, find out if local shops sell basics like coffee filters, olive oil and tea bags. You can also check whether any restaurants nearby provide home delivery.

Parking in the Area

Parking in the area can be a problem, and you may have to pay for parking. If you are staying in a hotel, they will often have parking available. If you are renting a house, then it is more likely that you will have to find street parking or pay for somewhere else to leave your car.

Take Property Details Into Account

As soon as you have decided when and where to go for your holiday, it is important that you check the details of your rental property. You can do this by looking at photos, reading reviews and searching for specific information about the villa or apartment. This will help you decide if the property is right for you before making any commitments.

If there are any issues with the accommodation booked, then it may be possible to request a change of date or location within certain limits (for example: some bookings include travel insurance). However, this option may not always be available so it is important to check these policies before booking anything.


The best thing to do when you're looking for a holiday rental in Sorrento is to make sure the place has everything you need. This will help you to enjoy your time there and make it easier to get around on your travels.

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