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My husband and I went on our first anniversary trip last year, and one of the many things we got to do was go to Las Vegas! We stayed there for two nights and one of the things we did in Vegas was the SlotZilla. If you don't know, the SlotZilla is a zip line that takes you over some busy areas, depending on the kind of ride you choose. There are two choices on how you can ride SlotZilla. You can either choose the zip line which is seven stories up, fly in a traditional sitting style and it only goes over two blocks. If the first option seems a little too boring, or you are more of a thrill seeker, the other option is to do the zoom line which is eleven stories up, fly in a "superhero" style and it goes over five blocks.

I choose to do the zoom line because it seemed more fun to me, and it was worth the money. The price for the ride depends on which option you choose. I had to pay forty five dollars for mine. Before I got on the ride, I did have to sign a sort of contract or agreement that says you need to be smart and listen to what they tell you because you could get hurt. It was mainly just a common sense thing. I actually almost didn't go on the ride because my husband was concerned about the harness rubbing against my port scar. I had recently had surgery to remove my port in August so it was only a month healed. They did tell me that it was ultimately my decision, but they thought that I shouldn't. I decided to go on the ride anyway because I was really looking forward to it, and I trusted that everything would be fine. We purchased my ticket and I handed my personal belongings to my husband. My husband did not go on the ride with me.

After I purchased my ticket, I stood in line and waited to get my harness on. Once I got my harness on, I was paired with seven other people to go on the elevator. When we were going up the elevator, some people were really excited and others looked a little pale. When we got off the elevator, it was so surreal to me because it was so high off the ground and I could see a lot from up there. Then they split the group into two teams of four, one group went first, and then my group went next. When it was my groups turn to get strapped in to the pulleys and hooks, we had to lay on our tummies on these platforms. Then once we were strapped in, they lowered the platforms just to make sure it was holding securely. I was on the far left of the group and there was a lady to my right who looked very nervous, so I comforted her and told her that she was brave just to come up there with us. Luckily, the guy who was strapping us was very laid back and funny, it eased a lot of tension for the others who were more nervous.

When we were all ready, the wall in front of us slowly went down and then we were slightly pushed to get started. It was really amazing to be that high up over all the people and cars, to feel the breeze in my hair and on my face was very soothing. It was also nice to see people below us watching and waiving at us. The only thing I will warn anyone about, if they get on this ride, is that you don't pull the brakes to stop. The brakes are automatic, so when you stop near the end of the ride, you will fly backwards, sometimes jerk backwards. So, if you have severe back or neck problems, I wouldn't go on this ride. At the end of the ride, we got our harnesses off and got our picture taken. The lady that was next to me did a very good job and she was really proud of herself that she made it.

If I am ever in the Las Vegas area again, I would definitely go on this ride again.

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