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Sedona Arizona - The Red Canyons

by Chance James 12 months ago in america

The allure of Sedona, AZ is like any other. Can you hear the songs of the wind or taste the desert history..?

Sedona Arizona - The Red Canyons
Amazing Views and Red Rocks of Sedona, AZ - Photos by: Chance Buell

The Mystery of Sedona, AZ

A dramatic drop down Oak Creek Canyon thrills the traveler with endless views, red canyons, and glorious thoughts of modern roadways. The elevation is steep, the journey even better.

Few places have the spiritual mystique like the rocky cliff lined canyons of Sedona, Arizona. Famous for it's visual spectacles of amazing natural rock formations jutting toward the sky. The Four Wheel drive trails that go through them in a wild excursion to reaches unknown, to the world famous and acclaimed golf courses that meander throughout the ridges. Add to it the artistic shopping, the food, the music, and the most desired art in the southwest.

Sedona is a perfect hub for a refreshing, mind resetting destination to allow your inner self a chance to gather a moment of Zen before you start again.


The heart of town offers everything from dining at family gathering to some of the area's renowned five star establishments that you'll tell your friends of, to the shopping at an area unique boutique store, and then drinking a never before indulged concoction at a restaurant with a view, and then wandering around the statues and adobe designed structures that artists write about themselves. All this amongst the spirit of the native inhabitants who rode wild through these hills, almost hearing the song of the night.


Grab a horse and hit the trails. Hey... grab a Jeep and Hit the trails. Of course after you hit a bucket a balls on the driving range of the well et golf club, that before you hit the art auction that gets your next conversation piece.

Find yourself down by the river for a romantic walk, hand in hand, near your favorite bed and breakfast with the freshest fruits for morning time. Or journey out on your own on foot or by car with your camera in hand, grabbing that epic shot to send home that personal postcard to the ones who are envious that you are here right now..

Arizona - Aahh!

The Deep Red Rocks of Sedona, AZ

The Main Street of Sedona's got what you need

Chapel of the Holy Cross

One of the most recognized places in Sedona, AZ is the Chapel of the Holy Cross. It sits within the red rocks itself. The architecture is art itself. Making home as one with the crimson rocks, facing gloriously toward the heavens in a setting you won't soon forget.

This church is highly demanded for weddings and religious events. Worldwide visitors come from all regions to experience this Southwestern US church that is a One of a kind.

Reach for the Sky!

Chapel of the Holy Cross Sedona, AZ

Sedona, AZ Art Mecca

Art, Food, Music, Scenery... It's what people come for.

But really, an art mecca. Fly across the country, drive through the desert, and pick up one of a kind art that can only be found here. From the bronze to the glass, this is a haven for art enthusiasts!

Paintings, sculptures, glass, food, rugs, carpets, jewelry, custom arts, and so much more. You can get, or create, or hire whatever you need or want or don't even know you want yet.

And while your here, stop by any of the number of roadside attractions that are all unique in their own, proudly displaying even more Sedona originated treasures.

Art in Sedona

Amazing Bronze Sculptures in Sedona, AZ

Blown Glass...

Blue Glass shaped as a huge flower in Sedona Arizona

Blow Me a Kiss..

Is this your Prince..?

Thanks for visiting Sedona AZ with us. Don't miss out on the mineral stores and unique shops on the edge of town. This is where you'll find some of your best gifts and finds, just like Amanda!

Odds n Ends - Sedona, AZ

A Sedona Americana Roadside Stop of Interest

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Our Favorite Comments:

Gail Sobotkin

From South Carolina

Beautiful. I'm in the middle of reading "The Twelfth Insight" by James Redfield and part of it takes place in Sedona where "the Native American spirit is still felt."

Glad I have the image of these photos to complement his descriptions.

Peggy Woods

From Houston, Texas

I love Sedona! It is such a beautiful part of Arizona and of course Oak Creek Canyon to the north is spectacular as is the Grand Canyon even further north. For that matter, the entire State of Arizona is great. Can you tell that I like it? :))) Beautiful photos!

Claudia Tello

From Mexico

Those red rock formations look beautiful; you have convinced me of the idea that Sedona is an alluring place to visit one day.

Chance James
Chance James
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