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What would I do if I ran away?

By Don Anderson IIPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
Photo by Garvin St. Villier from Pexels

We're all running from something every day. It may be from a feeling we have, our past, something that's bothering you now, or even someone but sometimes there is a few moments that hit us so hard where all we want to do is run from our lives and start anew. I've always wondered what I'd do if I wanted to run from my life and start something new.

There are times for me where things get so intense that all I want to do is go somewhere where nobody knows me and I mean, absolutely nobody like I could be a mystery to people. I'd be a stranger who is trying to cover up a story he has about himself that nobody needs to know about and people can make up stuff about me. People have done that to me before so I wouldn't see a problem in going through it again. Everyone can make up stories about me as long as I'm able to go out and mind my business while I'm busy doing something like go grocery shopping or if I want to go pick something up from the post office, basically anything that requires me to make a living and have brief interactions with people.

The main question is where would I go? It's a really good question because I doubt I'd want to stay in the US but I'd probably be a drifter who's seeing the country but when I finish, I'd buy a one-way ticket to the UK but before I would do all of that, I'd take a vacation over there first to see if it's a place where that I want to live so I can be sure that I want to be there. Another place I'd probably want to live in is somewhere in France or Italy. Australia is on the table, too but I don't know, the spiders over there scare me just as much as everywhere else.

A lot of people like to ask me why I'd want to live in the UK, the truth is I've always wanted to go there since I was 12 years old as a vacation plan and that is still the plan but to go to London, specifically. However, I do plan to visit Sussex, Manchester, and Scotland but London is the main focus. Also, I already talk to someone from the UK and they don't know me as well as most people do where I am now so in my eyes, that's a good thing because that's one person over there that knows me compared to I don't know how many people know me or even remember me where I am and we already talk so much that we consider each other as good friends now plus they're willing to let me crash at their place while I'm there since they don't want me to be at any hotels.

I know running is a way of giving up but in some cases, I see it as a way of starting over, kind of like I'm rebooting or trying to get a clean slate. In 2018, I moved to a city that's halfway across the state where I am because after I graduated from community college, there was nothing left for me except a job that I was already quitting and living with my grandmother but being there was annoying me so I wanted to move on. Granted, it's not exactly where I want to be but I look at it like it's a start and hopefully after I graduate from university, I'll be able to start looking into my possible new life.

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