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Road Trip

by Mariann Carroll 3 months ago in solo travel
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Finding Myself

Road Trip
Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash

WHO ever took a roadtrip by themselves? Where are you going?

I had took several road trips for self discovery. Why I took these road trips?

I needed to find myself because I got lost, on whom , I really am.

I lost myself to my marriage. I did not know , I was trying to please a self centered person. My ex husband was the true word of what a narcissist is.Till this day he still try to make my life difficult.

I forgot my favorite food . My ah ha moment is when I was watching the movie , The Run Away Bride. She did not even know what kind of eggs she liked. She eat the eggs that the guy she was dating at the moment liked. I wonder if she was doing that to impressed the guy she was with or to save time making breakfast ? If you don’t know what I am talking about , here is the video ….

By Osborne Blitzball

She end up cooking different eggs and she discovered which eggs she liked.

This story is about me now. Are you asking me ,what kind of eggs I like. I like scrabble eggs.

My self discovery road-trip was a lot fun cause , I ended spoiling myself. I did not let anyone influence me or condition my mind . I did things , I wanted to do and what made me happy. I did not have a time schedule for anything. I lived the moment. Time was my friend. I had no one by my side to tell what I need to do. I just do it. I did not have my dog on this trip.

If I want to eat, I stop by a food place that attracted my attention. I pick what I wanted to eat on the menu. Chicken Rice with fried veggie. Who ever had food cooked right in front of you? It was a treat for sure. It was expensive but hay this is my road-trip not yours. It could be my once in a life time experience. Japanese Wasabi

By Coltrane Davis

I did take a video of my Japanese Wasabi experience but it was not as extravagant as this video. They do try to shot a rice to your mouth. I did not care who was watching. I am here to have fun. The food was delicious.

My point in writing this is that, I would not learn to know what I like if I did not go on this self discovery trip. I am a empath and a compassionate person so my first instinct is to do what makes others happy.

I went on a spa treatment. That was so relaxing. I like people to be gentle with me so, Swedish Massage is my go to, spa treatment. Make sure you can drive back cause, it will get you so relax and not a care in the world after this type of massage. When I got into bed , I was knock out for 7 hours.

If you have trouble sleeping , get an hour Swedish massage. Some people don’t like others touching their bodies. It take trust and self talk for some, you can do this. I will tell you the Asian charge very cheap for this service. I am not talking about a happy ending kind of massage but a real professional therapeutic message for your well being.

I woke up had my breakfast , scrambled eggs, pancakes with syrup, bacon , grits with sugar and butter. I think you are starting to get jealous of this road-trip. I have no one telling me , why are you getting that or are you ready to go yet. I took my sweet time eating this delicious delux breakfast.

Time to go hiking. I love taking walks in nature. Touching the leaves , flowers and trees along the way. I did make sure I had water. I know poison ivy looks like. Listen to the birds . I am not alone in this state park. People with their dogs running free. Some dogs run up to me a sniff my hands. ( I am not going to lie, when I saw the dogs , I start missing my dog and thinking what is he doing right at that moment. )

That was a nice hike, climbing the rocky hills. When I got to the tallest peak of the trial, I felt ,I can conquer the world.

I scheduled a horseback riding a week ahead. I was the only one with no one with me. I give everyone a smile. I told the attendee, I wanted a docile horse. I got a very gentle palomino horse name Peps. It was a nice group ride. They were mostly children in this group taking horse back lesson. The horses was pretty steady on the rocky trial climbing. They did not even slip. It was a very shady trial, there were hot spots but we were not under the sun too long.

That was the end of my short road trip. I could not believe it, I was able to do it by myself. I can’t wait for my next one. I hope my road trip did not bore you.

Thanks for reading. ♥️🌹🥰

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About the author

Mariann Carroll

Proactive for positive change.Born in the City of Chicago ,Illinois.

Multi race .Studied in a foreign country .Fluent in several languages .

fascinated by diversity.A Romantic and a dreamer.Interest in healthy living

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