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Road Trip Destinations: The Great Lakes of the USA

by Arbiter Writing 4 months ago in activities
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When an adventuring soul feels like taking an escapade into the bowels of nature with a healthy serving of culture, a road trip across America’s Great Lakes makes for an ideal excursion.

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The endless foliage will provide travelers with dazzling visuals and an abundance of passionate shades of orange, purple, yellow, red, and brown.

Along the many miles of well-maintained roads that line up through Minneapolis to Detroit, there is no escaping the majesty of color. Rest assured, the term ‘Great’ is in no way, shape, or form an exaggeration. It is quite possible to fit the entire nation of Switzerland within Lake Superior’s width that stretches 300 miles.

Enjoy a trip complete with waterfalls in the woods, alternating weather, time zone differences, and a fresh assortment of different craft beers brewed with the clean water present in the lakes.

Experience the blowing of the art glass and with some binoculars, you can even watch the migration of the birds. If you have the desire to spend, you’re greeted at the end with the super Mall.

Begin your journey through Detroit, a city whose unfortunate past circumstances have haunted its rejuvenated downtown area. After deciding to explore, head towards Traverse City.

Traverse City, Michigan

Source: Pure Michigan

Upon the conclusion of a 4.5-hour long drive, you’ll arrive in Michigan’s farming haven known as Traverse City, a location sprawling with vineyards and a bountiful supply of cherry trees.

Located on top of the Old Mission Peninsula ridge is the supreme Chateau Chantal Winery, spanning upwards of 65 acres long. In addition to the fantastic view, enjoy an exciting wine-tasting session!

Machinaw Bridge

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There is a huge swath of time to rest during the trip towards Mackinaw City, a town located in Cheboygan County. Standing at the precipice of the Lower Peninsula, travelers should stop to take a moment to view the historical lighthouse overseeing the suspension bridge that spans 5 miles in total length to connect the Upper and Lower regions.

Munising, Upper Peninsula

Source: Unsplash

Upon passing by Lake Superior, exit onto Route 31 for a 64-mile linear road to the Upper Peninsula town of Munising. Find yourself greeted by a balanced diet of Pine and Maple trees straddling the roadside and bundled in mixes of burnt red with a dash of green.

Charlevoix, The Kingdom of Cherries

Source: Bridge Michigan

No place in the state boasts a cherry population quite like Charlevoix. The high street is littered with sweet stores containing this delightful fruit. Treat yourself to cherry pies, cherry soaps, and even malt balls covered in cherry chocolate.

Source: WTTW

Oh, and don’t miss out on Earl A. Young’s Mushroom Houses, all designed in the early 20th century.

Copper Falls State Park, Wisconsin

Source: MtnScoop

Watch your beloved phone, the clock will skip an hour to adjust for the time zone difference when crossing the border into the Badger State.

Follow what is known as the Doughboy’s Trail upon stopping at Copper Falls State Park over a ground paraded by thick, colorful leaves. Massive erosion of granite and greenstone mountains has presented quite the setting for viewing the Brownstone Falls. Upon the moment it connects with Tyler’s Fork, the two rivers converge and plunge with insatiable power — 30 feet downwards into the Bad River gorge.

Beware of the possible deer, wolves, and bears that you may potentially come across whilst traversing through the woods.

Source: Unsplash

When you finally make it through the clear, enjoy the calm waters belonging to Lake Namakagon. This body of water spreads out from the Little Moccasin resort, a spot purchased from Native Americans approximately one generation ago.

You’ll find the water glistening in a stunning and serene blue in the afternoon. Tempting as it may be, don’t dive in for a swim though — it’s freezing! The owners of the Mogasheen offer warm cocoa, scarves, hats, and blankets to enjoy on a pleasant boat ride across the lake.

Breakfast can be found in the Brick House located in Cable, Wisconsin; a town housed within the Chequamegon National Forest. As of the time of this writing, less than 900 people live in the town and that is in fact the only cafe.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Source: Britannica

St. Paul represents the capital city of the vibrant and jubilant metropolis of Minnesota whereby over 10 miles of elevated walkways provide ways for locals to navigate in cold weather.

Victorian-era mansions have been wondrously preserved around the block of Summit Avenue with the official cathedral modeled after St Paul’s in London. Furthermore, it represents the famous birthplace of the author of the Great Gatsby, F. John Fitzgerald.

Paisley Park, the home of Prince

Source: Paisley Park

Embark on another 30-minute drive towards the working and living space of legendary rock icon Prince. A gargantuan complex is treated by staffers as sacred with visitors treated like pilgrims. The revered ashes of Prince are encased in the hall rafters.

Near this area, the final stop for shoppers includes the tax-free Mall of America, located on E Broadway, Bloomington, and sporting 3 levels containing over 500 stores.


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