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Owl Flames

by Ruby Estelle about a year ago in literature
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Meditations and Dreams

There was a fog that covered the grassy green mountains around me as I sat outside thinking of what I was going to do next in life. The night was chilly and quiet as I wrapped myself right in my blanket. Wishing I could capture a picture of the beautiful scenery around me. There was no way my phone could capture the beauty of what was beyond my eyes.

Writing a song in my notebook and listening to music I decided I would clear away the stress from the day and meditate. I went inside and grabbed a pillow and a candle. Grabbing four quartz crystals from my plate for energy cleansing I went back outside. I lit my candle and incense and closed my eyes. The small of egyptian musk filled my nose as I started breathing in and out. Hopefully it won't hurt my lungs. I thought thinking to myself.

I grabbed my quartz from my pockets before I forgot, putting two by my candle and the others holding in my left and right hand. The foggy nights chill sent a shiver down my spine as I closed my eyes. I breathed in deeply into a meditative state and unexpectedly aside from the jungle I usually envision, I saw a forest. Trying to clear the random picture from my mind for a while for a while light free of thought it was pressing and I closed my eyes breathing and feeding into what my mind was telling me.

I hovered over the grass and could see trees on each side of me completely surrounded in a vivid vision. Ahead of me I saw a cabin light flicker on a mountain, I could not make a lot from it, but it was large and beautiful. Thinking how I wished I could make it there and go in my senses grew stronger and in my meditative state I got closer. Seeing clearly as I gazed in the window.

There was two people, a male and a female and I could barely make them out. They were older from the looks of it. Closing my eyes closer I embraced the picture I was unusually seeing when I had been trying to close my eyes and free my trail of thought. I felt like I was away from my body as I watched what was before me. There was nothing that I could hear, but I could see their arm gestures and facial expressions. They were yelling at one another. Seeing the man pick up something from the table and throw it at the woman I felt a sense of grief.

Holding tight to my concentration I was worried. Who were these people and what was the meaning of the vision? Feeling overwhelmed with empathy I felt like I was dreaming and tried calling out, but I could only feel the words coming from my lips into the foggy air that was around me on the balcony. The vision was bringing tension to my meditative state and I concentrated harder breathing in and out. I could see them throwing their hands up in the air bickering back and forth.

Feeling completely helpless with the sense in my gut I started breathing deeper and heard the hoot of an owl behind me. Startled at the sound of noise when there is no owls around me where I am I woke from my meditative state. Trembling at what I saw and the things it reminded me off I squeezed my quartz and tried cleaning the negative energies I saw in my vision. Feeling a little better as I tried to clear the picture from my mind, I couldn't help but wonder. Who were these people?

Looking at be the fog around me I was bewildered by what had happened and what I saw in my meditation. Thinking of how an owl resembled wisdom I tried not overthinking it and letting the picture sit in my mind while I went on with my night. I couldn't help but question, was it a premonition? A made up thought in my head related to a scene from a movie? Whatever it was there was a voice in my head egging, just let it go.

There was nothing I could say or do, but the questions still lingered. It was a mystery and in my gut instinct told me something, whatever it was, wasn't quite right. Instead of trying to meditate again for the second time so I could really find some clarity and a peace of mind I blew my candle out, pocketed my four quartz and went inside. Walking in the glass doors of the house that I was house-sitting for the week while my aunt and uncle were outta town I picked up the remote and turned the television on flipping through the channels until I found something interesting that sparked my interest.

I picked up the bowl of chips from the table I had brought out earlier that day and started snacking them stopping at a movie. I didn't bother double checking the name of the movie i just laid back and relaxed something I had been unable of doing for a while ever since I got here. Now that I had finally adjusted and focusing on putting the random thoughts in my mind away I found some peace and calm. Watching the movie I stared blankly as a commercial came on with a woman and a man arguing silently. I didn't stop to see what the commercial was advertising when I saw an owl and heard it wooing over the rest of the noise coming from the television. Startled I shut it off grabbed my stuff and went upstairs.

Putting my stuff by the bedroom door I sighed in disbelief and exhaustion. Setting my blanket on my bed i undressed before slipping into my soft comfortable pajamas I had brought with me. I went in the guest bedroom brushed my teeth and hair and shut the lights off before getting underneath the nice soft covers. Falling into a deep sleep completely clearing the thoughts from the night before away I woke up in a cold sweat from a dream. I had seen the same vision I had seen when I was meditating only this time I was there inside the kitchen, invisible, and watching the couple argue. Trying to interact I was silenced by the fact that I was only dreaming and I couldn't seem to get any of the words off my tongue.

Wiping the sweat from my brows I closed my eyes trying to remember my dream better and put names to the faces of the people I had seen, but I was more focused on remembering the steel owls in front of the fireplace I had seen before me my while they were at the right and left of me. Beneath it was a fire place that had the fire burning. Falling back into a deep sleep I woke up and went on with my life. Just another strange day.

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Ruby Estelle

Family oriented fun loving nature people music & animal lover. I am a photographer, writer, cook, artist, lover & creator! I aspire to have a car, venture and vlog around the world, make a foundation, be healthy & inspire you ๐Ÿ’•


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