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One Perfect Day in DC

by Martina Dearing 8 months ago in america

welcome to the capital

One Perfect Day in DC
Photo by Ridwan Meah on Unsplash

I have to admit, even if I'm enjoying the quarantine and trying to be productive as much as I can... I can't stop thinking about those better days.

Just a couple of months ago I was able to get into the car and drive about half an hour before crossing the Virginia/Washington DC border. I remember the feeling of appreciation every time I'd see the Capitol building, the White House or the Lincoln Memorial. I'd feel so thankful for living so close to one of the most important places in the country. Not mentioning it's pretty damn beautiful.

That is exactly why when the quarantine is over I'm planning on spending at least one full day in the capital and I don't care that I've been there and lived there for years, I miss it greatly.

I'll start by meeting my best friend at Dupont Circle because that's where the cool corner Starbucks is and we'll just get a simple snack for breakfast saving loads of room in our stomachs for a brunch (everyone loves brunch, if you don't... well, that's just weird). Right next to the "cool Starbucks" there's even a cooler bookstore that just screams "old-school". It's called Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe. We're definitely going to spend some time over there. Probably pitch them my recently published book and encourage them to get it for their store. I'm gonna walk around, smell the books (not in a creepy way) and at some point I'll leave with one of them in my backpack, excited to continue my day.

By the time we leave Kramerbooks we'll probably be starving so we're gonna head to Magnolia for brunch.

Magnolia Kitchen & Bar is maybe not the best food I've ever had in DC but they've got some great chicken waffles and everyone needs chicken waffles with maple syrup in their life sometimes. Let's be honest... Everyone needs some bottomless mimosas as well!

From Dupont Circle straight to Georgetown, my favorite area of DC. I don't really have a plan for what we'd be doing over there. In Georgetown I usually just go with the flow, walk around my favorite stores, buy a bunch of clothes I don't need and end up eating a huge and overpriced cupcake from Baked and Wired, my favorite bakery ever. I'm sure this time we would do something very similar. I can already taste that red velvet with the vanilla frosting. Yum!

Strolling on sugar rush we'll walk with our take out tea down to the waterfront. As a local tour guide in DC I know all the stories and history of Georgetown so I'll definitely share that with my friend. Waterfront is beautiful at night. The fountain is lit up and the airplanes keep on landing above our heads. The Potomac river will never be so beautiful (in the dark we won't be able to see how dirty it is). Everything will feel like the first time.

We will walk to the AMC across the street and see some silly romantic comedy. We'll buy a bunch of snacks beforehand and sneak in some Ben & Jerry's Caramel Core into the movies. Sick to our stomachs we'll keep on drinking our soda and trying to get rid of that intense taste of carmel in our mouths. We'll also be those obnoxious girls who keep on laughing and commenting loudly on the movie.

At the end of the day we will take a bus up the Wisconsin Avenue and get off at the National Cathedral stop. We will walk across the street admiring the cathedral behind our backs and walk into Cactus Cantina in order to get some margaritas.

Cactus Cantina is this place that for some reason seems to be perfect for everyone. During the day it's a big family spot where all the kids get their "frozen strawberry" (virgin frozen margaritas that I absolutely love and miss everyday) and keep on eating way too many free chips with salsa. At some point in the afternoon families with children start mixing up with professionals and college kids. Everyone starts bumping into each other, it's super loud and crazy and most of the people seem to know each other. You keep on hearing "Oh my God! SO good to see you! How are you?!" and bored kids standing next to their parents impatiently waiting for them to finish their chit chat.

I love and miss that place. Truly, in that crazy city full of tourists and politicians that place made me feel like at home. It made me feel welcomed... and too full... and a bit tipsy.

After a few too many margaritas, Nerea and I will probably call my husband to pick us up. He'll be annoyed that we took so long and we will wait for him forever on a bench in front of the restaurant while looking at the lit up National Cathedral.

Then he will finally get there and take us back home to Virginia. We will pass out tired on the back seat, smiling at the fresh memory of our first day out of quarantine.

Martina Dearing
Martina Dearing
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