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New Year More Travels

Is this all I do?

By ChantelPublished about a year ago 4 min read
New Year More Travels
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Does anyone else set out to have a theme or general goal of what they would like to get out for the new year?

2023 is the year of travel, self-growth and discovery, and resilience.

I went on a retreat for the first time since 2019 and it was magical to be in such a relaxed space with genuine, caring souls.

I didn't make an effort to stay in contact with any of them and I think it's okay to take bits and pieces of people's stories that we meet along the way without staying in full-contact.

I do that a lot with hosting. I meet some really interesting folk and rarely does the friendship last outside of that event or 1-2 events after. But that doesn't diminish the act or the time I had with them. I still appreciate it and cherish it.

It takes work to build a friendship and it can be difficult to do if the other isn't as receptive. I'm in a self-growth era without others, practicing celibacy at this time until I meet someone who I really have a connection with.

I have gone through a lot, and many others have too.

We all have trauma from the pandemic that we never get to discuss anymore because people say it is behind us.

They gave us the prompt today "What have you lost from the pandemic?"

I lost

-6 months of studying abroad in Mexico, being in a relationship, volunteering with Orphans, and meeting new friends/adventures with the new group who were arriving

-my senior year of University

-opportunity to celebrate my friends 21st together and room with them

-my graduation

-possibility to travel after graduation, a gap year

What I gained 3 years post pandemic

-lost 20 pounds am the fittest I've been since high school (also constantly getting sick )

-was able to save a networth almost worth 165k now

-eventually after trial and error in 2 shitty sales roles, found myself in this remote recruiter role that I do genuinely enjoy and am excited to continue to grow in

-traveled to NYC, Washington DC, Phili, Miami, Ecuador, St. Louis, Hawaii, Seattle, Portland (not including the mini vacations I took to explore California)

-had so many odd jobs:

CVS worker

Gym Front Desk

Concierge Driver

Farmer's Market

Airbnb Cleaner

Busser for Presidios Country Club

Covid Tester Worker

Petite Model

Craigslist Party Helper

Virtual Reality Game Show Host

UCSF MRI Experiment

Stanford Graduation

Google Holiday Party

Warrier's Parade Party

Museum Pop Ups like the "Brick of Lego's" AND "Banksy"

Nannying and babysitting multiple families

Speed Dating Host

Music Festival Worker

Adventure Club Host

Friends like Jasmine and Nick. I was able to meet Cody. Everyone after him felt like a disaster in all honesty but here we are!

3 years later. It was a wild ride.

2020 was when I was still working to graduate, began to listen to financial podcasts, and started to invest in stocks. I learned a great deal of what I would be willing to compromise in a relationship and what I wouldn't. I was fired from CVS thankfully and began jobs that paid 2 dollars more than my previous role. I remember being so happy about simply earning 18/hour. Which is so crazy because now I earn 33/hr without including my bonuses. With bonuses last year it was around 40/hr before taxes.

2021 was me really building back up who I was as a person after that failed relationship with Cody and figuring out what job could financially support me without draining me. I was still trying to stack my bag while earning a measly 15 dollars/hr at the time from Millennial Boss Network and only 40k at the next job I got as a Business Development Representative. It wasn't until the end of that year when I was fired that I was truly able to step into my current job and also focus on losing the last couple of pounds I needed to hit my goal weight of 110. It was during this time that I hit 100k in net worth for the first time.

2022 was when things began to shake up and I was able to participate in odd jobs that I genuinely enjoyed and would have chosen to do outside of work. I began to travel a lot more with the flexibility of my work and realize that burn-out is real and I need to take care of myself by cutting down on these jobs. I begin to take long breaks from jobs while I go on long vacations- but realize this isn't sustainable and I need more me-time.

2023 is my year to have me-time. I have spent the last 2 years building myself up for this. I have my dream body, a dream job to travel, and some savings. I am ready to embark and meet new people of various ethnicities and stories and pray that God will stick with me along the way so I only meet people with kind souls and good intentions.

At this time I still need to plan my trips past May. I am exhausted, sick, and not desiring this hardship at this time. I wish someone else could plan it. I know it will be fun when I go embark, but I am scared about my laptop and thieves. Praying God will protect me.

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