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It all happened when I was visiting my parents in Connecticut! My niece asked me if I wanted to get a tattoo, I told her Yes. The next day she had off work and we went to the tattoo place. When we arrived there we talked to the artist and let her know what we wanted. I wanted the tattoo on my ankle, and I wanted a picture of a vine with a bird on it. My niece wanted a more simple tattoo than I did. We waited in the waiting room for about an hour. Then the artist called us into the room and showed the drawing to us. I said to her I really liked it and I wanted her to do it. My niece also liked hers and she wanted the artist to do the tattoo. The artist cautioned us it would hurt. I told her that I could stand the pain and I wanted it done.

The artist told me she would give me the tattoo first. We went into the tattoo room and I laid on the table. She put the drawing on my ankle and started giving me the tattoo. It did hurt it felt like a million little needles on my skin! But I endured the pain and did not say anything to the artist. The artist worked on my tattoo for more than an hour. When she was done the tattoo was more than I expected! I had a lovely tattoo and I was very glad I had it done. My niece also had a nice tattoo when the artist finished. We left the tattoo place very happy!

My niece drove home and I showed my tattoo to her sister. She liked the tattoo a lot! I could not wait to show my parents and sister the tattoo I had gotten! Finally, my parents got home and I wanted to show them my tattoo right away. My mom put the coffee on and we all sat around talking and having fun! I was visiting them for two weeks, my home is in Alaska. At that time I showed them my tattoo and they all fell in love with it! My mom said she really liked it she said it was great! My dad said it was really nice and liked it too! I had a lot of compliments that day, and my niece put a picture of me and the tattoo on FaceBook!

That night I watched television and went to bed early. The next morning my sister had off work, so we were going to the Casino. The weather was nice and sunny the drive was only an hour from her home. We arrived at the Casino and went into the ladies' room to freshen up. We then played the slots and a table game, and Black Jack I like to play it plus I am good at it. Then we went to eat at one of the restaurants to have lunch. The food was great after we walked to the stores and shopped for a while. After shopping, we played the slots some more and I won some money. We left the casino late and my sister drove home.

When we got home we went straight to bed. It did not take me long to fall asleep because I was really tired. The next morning I got up and coffee was done. I poured myself a coffee and sat down to talk to my parents. She told me that my sister is upset, I said to her what for? My mom told me that my sister wanted me to save the money I spent on my tattoo. I told my mom she has no business getting upset! I said to my mom it is my money and I will do with it what I want to do! Wow, I could not believe what I was hearing! I thought to myself that is one of the reasons I moved to Alaska! I did not want people to get into my business! I told my mom, my sister does not know my finances and I will not tell her.

All-day long I felt bad and I knew I should talk to my sister about this. In the meantime, I will enjoy the rest of the day. I went to get dressed because we were going to see my niece. When everyone was ready my dad drove there. My niece greeted us and we all walked into her home. After things were settled down I showed her my tattoo. She said she really liked it and that she would like to get one. I told her she would have to talk to my niece she knows all the information. My tattoo was getting more attention than I thought it would. I was glad everyone liked my tattoo and that made me happy! After enjoying the lunch we all went outside. It was sunny and hot I liked the weather and I enjoyed the family visit. We were talking and having a good time until it was ready to go home. My visit was for two weeks and then I would go home to Alaska.

I also wanted to do some shopping, they had stores that Alaska did not have! When my sister came home from work I asked her if we can go shopping the next day. She told me ok what stores would I want to shop at. So I told her and she said ok I will take you. I also told her what my mom told me and I let her know just how I felt! She apologized to me and I accepted her apology. We went shopping the next day and had fun getting things that we wanted. For lunch, we ate at a nice restaurant, the food was great. I was sitting down and a guy noticed my tattoo. I was wearing a skirt and sandals when he saw my tattoo. He told me it was nice and I have good taste! I said thank you and he went to his table to eat. My sister said to me I think you will get many compliments. I told her it is looking like I will get many compliments. We finished eating and was ready to go home. My sister said I do like your tattoo you did a nice job picking it out! We left the restaurant to go home and we only had a half-hour drive home. At home, we had coffee and relaxed on the couch.

The following day we went to my nieces home again and had a nice time. We decided to go out for coffee, the drive was a little one. At the coffee shop, I had got another compliment on my tattoo! The person told me she would like a tattoo like mine! I was amazed that she wanted a tattoo like mine! We drank our coffee and then went back to my nieces home. At home, we talked and had a nice time. Then it was time to go home and have dinner. I was asked to help with dinner and I did not refuse. After dinner, I went to bed because I had a long day tomorrow. I was leaving to go home to Alaska.

The next morning after coffee I got ready to take the long trip back to Alaska. I had everything packed and ready to go. My sister would drive me to the airport which is a two-hour drive. My sister got up and had coffee, everyone did not want me to go home. I had to be at the airport in the afternoon so we had to leave soon. After what seemed like a long time we had to go. I gave every-one a hug and kiss and we all cried. I told them I will be back soon. I would call when I got to Alaska. My sister and I got into the car and buckled our seat belts for the long trip. to the airport. The drive was nice but the traffic in New York was too much for me. I could not wait until I was home in Alaska where things were tuned down. Finally, we pulled into the airport parking lot. We got out of the car and with my luggage in tow we went into the lobby. I already had my ticket but I had to get it updated. I and my sister hugged each other goodbye and I started to cry! She told me not to cry so I said o.k. and with that, she walked out of the building.

I had a little bit of wait so I sat down and my tattoo showed. I was minding my own business when a lady said to me I like your tattoo! I told her thank you I just got it. She asked me where and I told her! She sat next to me and we started talking. She asked where was I going I told her Alaska! She said isn't it really cold there. I said it can be cold there but the summers are great! She said she will try to make a trip to Alaska! She was nice but then I was called to board the airplane. I was used to talking to strangers because I talked a lot to strangers in Alaska. I got on the plane and I put my seat belt on and listened to music. After a little bit the plane took off and I was on my way back to Alaska. I had to switch planes one time and then to Seattle and to Alaska. The plane ride went smooth and when I landed in Alaska my husband was waiting for me!

When he saw me he waived and I went right to him and gave him a big hug! I did miss him a lot and I was glad I was home! We got my luggage and went to the car. I was also greeted by my two toy poodles. They miss me too and I miss them too and I was glad to see them. Yes, I was home and I could not be happier, I could not wait until I showed my husband my tattoo! We had an hour's drive to Wasilla and I wanted to show him right away. Finally, we were home we got out of the car and made sure the dogs were inside. Then we got my luggage in the house and we sat and talked for a while. I showed him my tattoo and he loved it and said it was very nice. Then I got a surprise from him, he showed me his tattoo! I said it was nice and I asked him why he decided to get one. He told me and I said it seems we both got a tattoo and did not know it! We laughed and then we got ready for bed.


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