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Mr Waffles

by Lauren Nevil about a year ago in nature
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Adventure in Australia

Mr. Waffles was a super cool tarantula who loved to play with his friends. And he really enjoyed having adventures all over the world. He was big and hairy, but not so scary!

Mr. Waffles was a cool spider with a sense of fashion. His yellow zoot suit was so bright and golden it shimmered in the sun. And over one eye, he wore a monocle. “To see you better!” he giggled. And to top it off, on his eight feet, he wore blue suede shoes.

“So cool, Mr. Waffles!” everyone said brightly.

Now it was time for another Mr. Waffles’ Adventure. And where was he going to go this time? Down under to Australia, where he was going to go parasailing and paragliding. He always wanted to see the beautiful country and what better way?

Mr. Waffles flew and flew in a big plane, and when he landed, he was in Sydney. This is a big city in Australia. There were other giant spiders, bugs, and lots of people and animals. They were all very busy, moving here and there.

It was too hot here for Mr. Waffles’ zoot suit. So, he changed into some fresh, old-school swimming trunks and a hot pink shirt.

“And I gotta have some shades,” he said. And he put on some fashionable sunglasses. Now he was ready!

It was time to see Australia, flying through the air on a paraglider. So, he met with his Aussie friend, Jack the Tarantula.

“Did you know, Mr. Waffles, that Australia is the only country in the world that is a whole continent by itself?”

“Wow, that is awesome,” said Mr. Waffles. And then they got onto a paraglider and flew high into the sky. They flew over the Capital of Australia, the beautiful city of Canberra.

“You can’t come down under and not see the outback, Mr. Waffles,” said Jack. “Come on, let’s go!”

There is a lot of desert in Australia. More than one-third of the country! This is the outback. In the wilds of Australia, where it is sweltering, water is hard to find, and there are very, very few plants and grass.

“Whew, it’s pretty hot out here,” said Mr. Waffles. “Hey, let’s take a break.”

So, they flew out of the outback and landed on a farm. Farmer Henry gave the spiders some water to drink and a bite to eat.

“Most farms and cities are in the southwest and southeast of the country,” said Farmer Henry. “The climate here is nice and comfortable... not like the outback.”

And then they were off again, and this time they flew to see the Great Barrier Reef. “Wow,” said Mr. Waffles, “look at all the colorful fish!” Finally, it was time for the parasailing race... in Gold Coast, Australia.

Mr. Waffles was in the parasail, which is like a parachute connected to a boat. And his friend, Jack, was driving the boat. Up, up, up into the sky Mr. Waffles flew on the parasail, holding tightly.

The Gold Coast was bright and beautiful, and the water was glistening with sunlight. Lots of parasailers were ready. 3...2...1... GO!

Mr. Waffles flew into the air on his parasail. He held on tightly with his eight legs. He didn’t want to blow away, after all. He soared over pandas and kangaroos who were on either side. But Mr. Waffles was not going to give up.

Finally, he passed the finish line and won first place! “Yay, Mr. Waffles,” shouted the crowd. “You’re the winner!”

Oh, what a wonderful time Mr. Waffles the Tarantula had in Australia. And he couldn’t wait for his next adventure.



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