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Bridge In The Sky

By PearlyJasminePublished 5 months ago 3 min read
Nine Arch Bridge Ella

The Bridge in the Sky, commonly known as the Nine Arch Bridge, is a prominent tourist site in Ella, Sri Lanka. The bridge is located in Demodara, a tiny village around 6 kilometres from Ella.

The Nine Arch Bridge, erected during the British colonial era in the early twentieth century, crosses a gorge between two hills and provides spectacular views of the surrounding area. The bridge is constructed of brick, cement, and stone and has nine arches, hence its name.

The bridge is particularly notable for its one-of-a-kind construction, as it was created without the use of any steel or metal. It was built instead of only bricks, stones, and cement and is considered an engineering marvel.

The Nine Arch Bridge is a famous shooting location, especially at sunrise and dusk. Visitors can walk across the bridge, take a train ride across it, or hike from Ella or Demodara to the bridge.

Some More Exciting Information About The Nine Arch Bridge:

  • Construction: The Nine Arch Bridge was erected between 1913 and 1921 in Sri Lanka during the British colonial era. P.K. Appuhami, a local Ceylonese architect, designed the bridge, which was made with indigenous resources such as bricks, stones, and cement. The bridge's building was tough due to the steep terrain, but the workers completed it using traditional techniques and procedures.
  • Location: The Nine Arch Bridge is located in the village of Demodara, approximately 6 km from the town of Ella in Sri Lanka's Central Highlands. The bridge connects two hills and spans a deep gorge surrounded by lush green trees and tea plantations.
  • Architecture: The Nine Arch Bridge is a masterpiece of building and an example of colonial-era engineering. The bridge is composed of nine arches, each spanning around 9 metres, and has a total length of approximately 91 metres. It stands roughly 24 metres above the ground, and its distinctive design and construction have made it a renowned tourist destination.
  • Accessibility: The Nine Arch Bridge is accessible by trekking from either Ella or Demodara. The walk lasts approximately 30-45 minutes and provides stunning views of the surrounding hills and valleys. Visitors can also board a train from Ella to Demodara and enjoy views of the bridge from the train. The bridge is also easily accessible by road, accessible by automobile, or by tuk-tuk.
  • Best time to visit: The Nine Arch Bridge is open all year, although the best time to come is during the dry season (December to March) when the weather is bright and sunny. The bridge is especially lovely at sunrise and dusk when the light is gentle and golden.

Nine Arch Bridge Ella
  • Historical significance: The Nine Arch Bridge is not only a beautiful engineering accomplishment, but it also has historical value. It was erected under the British colonial control of Sri Lanka, and the bridge was considered a method to connect the island's tea-growing regions with the rest of the country. The bridge is a reminder of the country's colonial past and a popular destination for travelers interested in learning about Sri Lanka's history.
  • Train trip: Taking a train ride across the Nine Arch Bridge is a popular tourist activity. The train ride from Ella to Demodara takes around 10-15 minutes, and passengers have the opportunity to take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and valleys, as well as the bridge itself. The train ride is most popular during rush hour when the train is packed with locals travelling to work or school.
  • Hiking trail: The Nine Arch Bridge can be reached by hiking through the surrounding hills' lush green forests and tea plantations. The walk lasts about 30-45 minutes and is mostly flat with a few hilly portions. Visitors can enjoy the lovely views of the valley and tea estates, as well as the pure air and tranquil settings, along the trip.
  • Photography: The Nine Arch Bridge is a famous photographic location, with many tourists coming to capture the breathtaking vistas of the bridge and surrounding scenery. When the light is soft and golden, it is better to shoot shots in the early morning or late afternoon. Visitors can also photograph from the railway or the hiking trail.
  • Nearby attractions: Other nearby sites for travelers to explore include the Ravana Ella waterfall, Little Adam's Peak, and the tea plantations of Ella. Visitors can also explore Ella, which has a bustling environment with numerous restaurants, cafes, and shopping.

Overall, the Nine Arch Bridge in Ella, Sri Lanka, is a magnificent and fascinating location that allows tourists to learn about the country's history, engineering marvels, and natural beauty.

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