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Luxury Travel: What To Expect When Staying In A Heritage Hotel?

Heritage Hotel in Jaipur

By Castle KanotaPublished about a year ago 5 min read
Castle Kanota- Heritage Hotel near Jaipur

Are you curious to know how royals lived in the past?

If so, then head to the best heritage hotels near Jaipur.

Today’s guests are a lot more adventurous and open to exploring varied options. They want to stay in a hotel that offers not just luxuries but also offers them with grandeur living that reeks of a lot of history.

The heritage hotels like the Castle Kanota, provide these with a glimpse into a bygone era.

Heritage Hotels refer to locations or structures with a historical or cultural significance of the place in which they are present. Although they were built centuries ago, fact is they have withstood the vagaries of time and weather to stay in a robust shape. Today, most of them around the world have been converted into heritage hotels.

What sets them apart from other categories of hotels are they

1. Provide an experience that a normal hotel cannot offer. Belonging to a totally leisure segment with top-end products, they offer people a higher-level experience.

2.Hold importance to the area in which they are located. This makes staying in them a bonus in the sense the guests’ lodgings become a part of the story of the city in which the heritage hotel is located.

What To Expect?

There was a time when heritage hotels near Jaipur were just seen as an extension of royalty evoking nostalgic memories.

That’s passé; today they are seen as not only a slice of history but also as an experience in itself.

Noble Past With Traditions

The best heritage hotels in Rajasthan like elsewhere in India serve as a remainder of the olden days when noble rulers following traditions were a common.

The rulers were

  • Honorable with their homes the honor of the family. Homes then were fitted with several untold luxuries. Like special areas for meeting common folks and another one for VIPs, lavish and dining bedrooms, granary and armory, etc. Women used to attend the goings-on of the court and other meets, but used to do them from viewing windows behind a purdah (veil).
  • Hospitable, and for whom hospitality was a way of life. Every person, including even the baddest of enemies was welcomed as guests.
  • Gracious to people in the time of need. They never let anyone return empty handed, not even the worst of enemies.
  • Bonded by matrimonial alliances. They joined the warrior clans to make up a family which were then a way to end all kinds of war on and off field.

All of the above are legacy of the olden times which are treasured till date. They have been carefully preserved in royal heritage hotels and presented to guests as the relics of the past.

A stay at the best heritage hotel in Rajasthan like Castle Kanota will give you a glimpse of the opulent past and a sneak peek into the life of the erstwhile royalty of Rajasthan and India.

Amalgamation Of Heritage With Modern Luxuries

If you opt to stay at the heritage hotel in Rajasthan or India, you will get a feel of the royal touch, with traditions, memorabilia, and not to forget the way of life during those days.

As a hotel guest, you get to spend nights at the same rooms where kings and queens rested; and taste traditional dishes on regal dinner seats, which will take you on a memory trip. Besides, the generation of royalty who still reside in their ancestral homes will welcome you as a guest with open arms, in line with the Indian tradition of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’. There are several such heritage hotels near Jaipur and across India that are owned by the royal family while others have been given on lease to luxury hotel chains.

What make these hotels, even though centuries old, great for stay is they

  • Have been refurbished and equipped with all kinds of modern essentials and luxuries. Guests will have access to amenities like swimming pool, private bath air-conditioning, LCD TV, entertainment systems, etc.
  • Offer a peek into how the royals used to engage in their pastimes like horse riding, polo races, vintage car rides, buggy rides, spa sessions, etc.
  • Offer an opportunity to savor the delights of minimalist sanctuary through its tasteful décor, intimate dining experiences, and traditions. Additionally, guests will also be able to learn about the cultural contributions of the royal dynasty of the past.
  • Help you to unwind amidst tranquil gardens and atmospheric architecture with the best deal for your money.

Feel Of A World Awar From The Modern Day

Heritage hotels are worlds away from the modern day.

  • Suites are awash in lush textiles, charming antiques, decorative clay panels, and detailed woodwork, surrounded by a private tropical garden. Each suite is carefully renovated whilst staying true to the heritage hotel’s original architecture and reflecting the region’s culture and traditions.
  • Luxury Dining Rooms. They add to the atmosphere of the majesty and elegance with set menu meals featuring historic royal recipes. Additionally, there are private dining options available in the grand dining room or on the outdoor verandah which boasts an incomparable view of the city’s magnificence.
  • Luxury of relaxation by the swimming pool or lake, surrounded by royal opulence and welcoming hospitality.
  • Indulgence in treatments at the spa during the stay; or watching an invigorating polo match.
  • Delights of old world charm like camel safaris, horse trekking, lunch in a traditional mud house on a local farm, and visiting surrounding villages and temples.

Staying in a heritage hotel near Jaipur will offer you the additional option of exploring some of India’s best-preserved traditional architecture as well as ancient streets.

If you are looking for an ideal heritage hotel for a vacation in India, then it should be Castle Kanota, widely regarded as the best place to stay in Rajasthan. This handsomely restored and decorated heritage hotel has a chequered past with a long history and heritage that has been excellently preserved. Additionally, the original owners have a proud history as warriors who are said to have lived by a strict tradition of honor and hospitality.

With its amazing suites, and guestrooms that overlook the property’s grand gardens, and swimming pools, staying at Castle Kanota will take you back in time to an era when times were simple and laidback.

Experience the delights of the fabled and unique Rajasthani Hospitality and enjoy the charms of the rural Rajasthani lifestyle with its natural splendors, with a stay at the best heritage hotel in Rajasthan, Castle Kanota. You will cherish lifelong memories of an era steeped in history and traditions.

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Castle Kanota, is the one of the best traditional hotels near Jaipur. All of our rooms and suites are distinctive relics of bygone times, magnificent, and have a regal appearance.

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