Luxury apartments and PG hostels for bachelor accommodation in Noida

Luxury Apartment Noida

People keep migrating to one part of the country to another in search of a job, for higher education needs and after starting their own family. But wherever they go, they are able to find themselves a quality accommodation to dwell and serve their purpose. Real estate and infrastructure development in India are too good that people are able to find their stays within a few minutes to hours. When it comes to accommodation in India, there are a number of options starting from luxurious villas to independent houses, apartments and even paying guest hostels. People choose their homes based on their budget and their purpose of stay.

PG accommodations

One interesting accommodation facility that interests studying and working singles is the PG accommodations. The rent is nominal, there is less maintenance cost and people get to enjoy a range of amenities including home-cooked meals. People get to live here as a community, be themselves and interact with likeminded people. Some of the amenities available at PGs are,

Housekeeping services

Home-cooked food

WIFI and DTH connectivity

Gym and swimming zones

Playing zones

Power backup and

Parking facilities.

PG accommodations in Noida:

Noida is part of the capital of India and is a well-planned city with all modern infrastructure and basic amenities. In the past decade, Noida has witnessed tremendous growth in infrastructure development and has contributed positively to the growth and development of the economy. This IT hub of north India is known for its myriad of industries. Multinational companies and of course the paying guest accommodations.

PG in Noida renders a decent living at affordable prices. Be it students or working professionals Noida has different types of PG hostels for everyone to suit their needs. Almost all of them include food subscriptions, offering home-cooked food for the inmates. Some of the best hostels in Noida are located in Sector 22, sector 62, sector 137, etc to name a few.

There are some luxurious PG in Noida as well that helps inmates with all basic and luxurious amenities. Most of the working professionals choose to stay in such accommodations that might cost from Rs. 10-15K per month. But others feel the rent to be a little heavy and choose to take an apartment for rent and stay with their friends. They also wish to hire a cook and a domestic helper to take care of their routines. When rent, maintenance, and domestic help expenses are all shared, inmates are able to save big on their wallets.

Apartments in Noida:

Noida Extension is growing to a great extent with leading infrastructure amenities and developments. A number of residential and commercial projects have been launched here and people also wish to invest in the same either to meet their housing needs or to benefit from the rental income. Renting a luxury apartment in Noida seems to be a viable option against PG hostels by students and working professionals as well.

Serviced apartments are turning to be a viable investment option among the younger generation for capital appreciation and for good ROI. Serviced apartments in Noida are also gaining popularity among young professionals, who migrate to the city for their job and living. Professionals, travelers, tourists, and expatriates are also looking forward to this mode of accommodation as it offers them a more practical approach to the home away from home concept.

Reasons why investing in serviced apartments in Noida is the best bet?

Many investors, both Indian and NRIs prefer to invest in luxury apartments in Noida as it gives them secured, guaranteed and high returns. Majority of them are strategically located at the central portion of the city and are thus major investment hub for individuals and business houses as well. The benefits of investing in a serviced apartment are as follows.

Excellent rental income:

Noida is home for large corporations, startups and business houses. It is a leading commercial hub in India and investing in an apartment here will definitely render excellent rental income. Leaving away these apartments on rent for students, professionals and expatriates will help in guaranteed and continuous income.

Easy maintenance:

As an investor, one needs not to worry about the maintenance of the apartment, as it is taken care of by the inmates. The charges for housekeeping, cleaning, and even minor repairs are borne by the inmates and the apartment is also taken care of round the clock. For the investor, it is a hassle-free investment and for the inmates, it is a cost-effective measure of staying in groups as the cost is all shared among themselves.

Where to book apartments in Noida?

Noida has emerged as one of the viable destinations for home buyers. The city renders an excellent blend of luxury villas, residential societies, apartments and commercial complexes by some of the best real estate developers of the country. With the presence of MNCs, there is a huge demand for property buyers and some of the top properties are located at,

Sector 1 – Noida Extension is the emerging real estate hotspot that is developing rapidly for its affordable property rates.

Sector 15 – This area has a number of food joints and nearby markets for shopping. There are a number of markets for shopping along with flats and PGs at an affordable cost.

Sector 22 – This is a highly populated and developed part of Noida and is known for a number of good PGs for bachelors.

Sector 55 and 56 – These sectors render the best amenities at affordable prices along with safety. These sectors are under constant CCTV surveillance, making it safe for the residents.

Sector 137 – This sector is close to the Noida Expressway. It is located close to IT hubs and caters to the needs of all working professionals.

Wrapping up,

One can find the best luxury apartments, villas and PG accommodations in these sectors of Noida through The website is a pioneer in listing real estate properties in India in its dedicated online portal, area wise and budget-wise from reputed builders. Users are entitled to zero brokerage and easy EMI options while booking a property through

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