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by Emiliconvinci.16882 13 days ago in humanity


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Your existence is the echo of the night wind escaping.

An unplanned trip brings unexpected peace to the heart. The bus is attached to the rolling Panshan Highway, and it is a cliff with a low eyebrow. It's a long drive, and the sun is flickering because of thick clouds. I tilted my head and suppressed my eyes in the nearby L. She sat quietly looking at the scenery outside the window, and her hair was as neat as the mood. Do you know, for many years, I am willing to stay where I am, quietly observing the attitude of neglecting words and deeds, and how I have an extremely pleasing root in you? After a few hours of turbulence, I finally arrived at my destination. When I got off the bus, I smelled the clear air after a storm comes a calm, and there were few passengers around me. I took my step, took a big breath and stretched my limbs, which made the air flowing around me drive myself to secretly rot in a corner of the city.

It was clear the next day and came to the foot of Huangshan Mountain in the morning. After some rectification, I set foot on the road. I don't know how far the road is under my feet, just keep moving forward. It seems that the phrase "If a traveler chooses a road, he never asks how far it is" has been fulfilled. Gradually more and more tired. Later, fortunately, I met a fellow boy who was a few years older than me on the way. When I first met him, I had an inexplicable intimacy, and I talked about what I liked along the way, and my time passed smoothly. Near the evening, it finally climbed to the top of the light, and the gap between the clouds shed clear sky, giving it a magnificent feeling. Looking back at the end of the long dark gray stone road behind me, I was a little tired. At night, the top of the mountain is not warm, and the temperature is not cold. I am wearing a thick white fleece sweater, and I am tired of walking. I just sat on the bluestone board in the forest with my knees on my knees. I just said goodbye to a pine tree and met a cypress tree. We are used to the alternation of the four seasons on weekdays, and we can accept the scenery prepared for you and me with a normal heart. Suddenly, there is a feeling of "let the heaven and earth phase shift, I sit on the rock". Every grass and tree has spirituality. And I, as if I were a traveler who was late for many years between them, but I'm sorry, but the outside world is always singing and dancing.

You asked me, how can I leave my own trace in a strange city? Do you prefer to go shopping alone or buy a pair of shoes? But I always stop and go all the way, and I can't find the mark of my existence. Maybe one day I will miss you, and the next second I will forget it. It is probably getting late, knowing that it is more and more impossible to realize the ideal beauty completely in the laboring world, and it is impossible to piece together complete fragments. On the contrary, there is a happy mood, where to go, where to enjoy. Don't ask where you came from, don't ask for more, and don't think about whether the first meeting is the last time.

Picking up clothes in September is a grand entrance for freshmen. It's very lively. But it's still the phrase "the excitement is theirs, and I have nothing". After returning to school, I ran into an acquaintance. After meeting me several times, I said I was much thinner. The reproach must be that you, the girl, have been greedy for beauty, but failed. I had to smile, but I didn't know how to explain it. One day, I got up early for morning reading, which happened to coincide with the time when they entered the grading examination. Walking in a group of people whose faces are completely unfamiliar, I feel uneasy, thinking that if it seems to outsiders, I must be the same kind of people as them. After this thought, I couldn't help laughing. I was no different from them. Those flowers swaying past, like time, can't be stocked. I know I haven't reached the age when there are only memories left in my life. However, when I am depressed, I often feel the illusion of sadness. In fact, at the foot of the road is always clear, even can calculate the remaining steps. It's not that you have an indescribable attachment to any personnel, but that Xu is just the three-year-old Guanghua school.

Knowing that farewell and forgetting are imminent, I desperately want to keep it. However, most people who use emotion will not have a good memory. It is nothing more than keeping an air-dried past, not mentioning it on the surface, but not forgetting it in the bottom of my heart. We always leave our exuberant youth to others, so that it is too late when we meet. It is very likely that every innovation is just a cliche of jumping in another place and another time. The mountains and rivers are always there, and the years are long. When a person is gone, it disappears quickly, just like the Ganges River. No one incarnates as a bridge, so you should cross the bad water by yourself and find a good night's sleep. You know there are too many unfair things in this world. Like me and you.

I haven't written or read for a long time, and when I look back, I find that I have only a few notes on the running account. As far as I'm concerned, he is already at a loss. However, if you can see here, you will be grateful.

Only hope for good autumn.

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