Live it up!! Bi*@H

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Girls Trip in Florida

Live it up!! Bi*@H

I need a vacation asap!!! My friend and I were talking about leaving and going on vacation for the past 6 months. We haven't seen each other in the last 8 months so it was long over due. She stayed in another city and I had just move back to North Carolina after staying in another state for about 4 years. A lot of things had changed since the last time we seen each other but at the end of the day that was still my girl so it was time to get turnt up for the summer. Our friend wanted us to come to Florida for her Birthday for a week. Can I say, Perfect Timing!! My friend and I scheduled the time off of work and got everything ready for the trip. We got the car rental, food, and drinks for the 10 hour drive. We was Geeked!! The traffic was not as bad as we thought and we only stopped a few times. It was my second time being in Florida so I already knew how the weather was going to be and that's what I was looking forward to.

It was around 5:00 pm when we arrived in Daytona, FL. Gigi's house was nice to say the least. Her dog and cat greeted us before she did. The first thing we did was change clothes and hit the Landshark bar & grill for food and drinks. It was right beside the beach so it was a chill vibe. We all was just catching up on all that's happened over the years and what we planned on doing the whole week. After, we left the bar we stopped by the ABC store and grabbed all the liquor we was going to need for the week. Gigi was turning 21 so we had to make it lit for her. My other friend Nina was trying to come up with some shit to surprise her with. We went back to her house and she introduced us to her bf. He seemed cool. We ended up staying in that night because we was tired from the drive. Tomorrow was going to be fun as shit tho.

I woke up the next morning and took a walk on the beach. Every morning that week I did this. After an 1 hour, I headed back to the house and morning shots were in order!! I took a shot of Jack Daniels, Gigi and Nina had their Grey goose. It was going to be a lit Monday. We put on some swimwear and headed over to the local pool and brought some drinks with us. It was so relaxing. Just me and my girls getting some sun and catching these good vibes. Later that night, we decided to head back to the house to smoke, drink some more and chill out.

Nothing really happened on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was kinda the same routine us chilling out eating and drinking but Thursday we decided to shake it up a bit. Nina and I had dudes we were seeing but it was more situationships than anything else. So we decided to hop on a dating app and find some local dudes. Nina meet someone that seemed chill and I had found a hottie to kick it with. Nina invited her dude to the beach and we all meet him there to make sure he was legit and mine came a little later. So we all had our dudes to chill with on the beach and it was nice. My dude told me he was former MMA fighter and he was fine as hell. Smooth and muscular we couldn't wait to get back and have some fun of our own. I'm not going to get into explicit details but lets just say we both got lucky that night.

Thursday night, we ended up at the club. It was supposed to be a girls night but Gigi decided to bring her bf along. Nina and I were pissed but we made the best of the situation. We all got real cute & sexy and headed over to the club. They had a DJ inside and outside the place. It was crazy!!! The music was great and everybody was enjoying themselves. I was throwing drinks back left and right and we was bout to hit the dance floor. We danced most of the night and left around 3am. We was tired as shit when we got back. The rest of the night was a blur for me. All I remember was knocking out in my room. It was a great night!

On Friday morning, after my long walk on the beach, I did a bit of shopping that morning. Later that day, the girls had plans to meet up with their dudes so I decided to get a date for myself too. The MMA fighter was unavailable plus it was a one time thing so I decided to hang with someone else I had been talking to. I meet up with this European guy who happened to be a manager at one of the major hotels. He was handsome, friendly, and the vibe was great from the start. We met at a local restaurant and had drinks at the bar. I told my girls where I was going before I left for safety reasons. We talked for awhile. It was one of the best dates I'd had in a long time. We decided to hang out more that night and then I went back to Gigi's house. I told them how the date went and we all just had some shots on the balcony and vibed out the rest of the night.

The next two days were laid back. Saturday the girls and I went shopping, the beach, and we went out to eat for the last time. We ended up going to Red Lobster. Sunday we would be heading back so we knew to make the best of the night and reminisce how the week went. That Sunday, Nina and I walked on the beach for the last time and we all grabbed a bite to eat at the local Taco joint ( They had the best tacos!!!). I wanted to get a tattoo before we left so we all went to a tattoo parlor down the street and I got the one I wanted. After, we all headed back to Gigi's house and grabbed our stuff to hit the road back to North Carolina. We said goodbye to Gigi and her pets and promised we would do this again soon. It was one the most memorable trips I had. It was the ultimate girls vacay!!!

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