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Las Vegas Party Scene DO's and Don'ts

by Stephanie Murguia 2 years ago in travel advice
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Not everything in Vegas Stays in Vegas

Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas strip is notoriously known for being the land of the wild and letting go of all responsibilities. It’s famously labeled sin city, but in reality, what you do in Las Vegas doesn’t always stay in the city. Before getting on the plane, here are ten dos and ten don’ts to follow and remember as you wander into madness.

What NOT to do

  1. Don’t smoke marijuana - Nevada legalized the use of marijuana, however, it’s illegal to use it publicly and counts as a misdemeanor.
  2. Avoid walking alone outside of the strip - you could easily find yourself in an unsafe situation where thieves could be looking for intoxicated and vulnerable part goers.
  3. Don’t leave alone with a stranger - Las Vegas is filled with people who try to take advantage of partiers, stay with your group and don’t wander alone.
  4. Don’t jaywalk - pedestrian accidents are extremely common, especially if people don’t follow the street walking signs.
  5. Don’t hang your purse on the back of a chair - It can be stolen.
  6. Don’t walk away from your machine if you haven’t checked out - someone could take your ticket and cash out.
  7. Don’t use the casino ATMs - they have one of the highest fees that can be up to $10, there are plenty on the street that are a lot cheaper.
  8. Don’t trust ‘free shows’ from people on the street - sometimes they come with a drink minimum.
  9. Don’t hail a cab - it’s illegal, cabs can only pick people up from designated areas.
  10. Don’t bring all the cash you brought for the weekend - you never know what could happen, so keep some with you and come back at the hotel.

What TO DO

  1. Do keep valuables in a safe inside a hotel room
  2. Do watch for pick pocketers when walking in busy crowds
  3. Do check resort fees - some hotels have outrageous everyday fees. Do your research.
  4. Do bring cash - only enough for what you expect to spend.
  5. Do wear comfortable shoes - slip and falls are very common in hotels, after a long night of drinking and excessive dancing, you want to stay comfortable and avoid a bad fall.
  6. Do keep your chips when gambling.
  7. Do stay hydrated - especially in the summer months and pool parties.
  8. Do follow open container laws - if liquor is purchased in a closed container, it cannot be consumed on the premises or within 1,000 feet, the drink is only allowed in public if it was bought in an open container like a plastic cup.
  9. Do stick to your budget - remember you still have to go home eventually.
  10. Do try buffets - indulge while you’re at it.

Common Injuries

Aside from this long list of do’s and don'ts, there are common injuries that are more likely to happen to you while partying on the strip. Accidents do happen, so it’s hard to prepare for them, but knowing how some of the most common injuries happen and what they are, could help you in a future situation. Slip and fall accidents are very common because of the number of hotels and Nevada’s open container law. Because people can walk around with open containers, in and out of hotels and casinos all day, drinks are spilled on a regular basis. If the staff doesn’t get to it fast enough and you don’t see the spill, you could take a tumble that could leave you with serious injuries.

Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian accidents are more dangerous and easily avoidable. As mentioned above, it’s important to follow all walking signals on cross streets. If you notice that you or your friends are not able to walk, make sure to keep an eye out for them, and vice versa. Even if you are faced with the unfortunate event of an injury and it happened for not following street signs, you are still the victim and can still sue the driver for compensation.

Car Crashes

Because of the traffic congestion and busy streets, car crashes are very common on the Las Vegas strip. If you are riding in a cab, Lyft or Uber and end up getting into a car crash, you have options. No matter whose fault it and even if you were not wearing a seat belt, your medical bills or other expense caused by the crash should be covered by the guilty party. Insurance companies can be hard to deal with as well as taxi companies and ride-share companies, consider speaking to a local injury attorney who can answer your questions for free and ask them about your legal options/rights.

Las Vegas is a very fun place, but it’s also a place where things can go wrong very quickly, so it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and move in groups. If you do go alone, it’s more important to keep this information in mind.

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