Is it Safe to Travel? Amitesh offers Travelers Advice amid Coronavirus Concerns

Things to consider for travels during COVID - 9

Is it Safe to Travel? Amitesh offers Travelers Advice amid Coronavirus Concerns
Amitesh Travels in Madurai

Everyone loves to travel, right? In this time everyone should aware of the COVID-19 to Plan your trip to Local city. Planning your summer vacation amid Corona Virus fears.

What are the Symptoms of the Coronavirus?

If you become infected with the Coronavirus, you may increase the following symptoms 2-14 days after exposure:

  1. Runny nose
  2. Sore throat
  3. Cough
  4. Fever
  5. Difficulty breathing (in more severe cases)

The symptoms of the coronavirus are very related to that of the seasonal flu, so just since you develop the aforementioned symptoms, it does not mean you essentially have COVID-19. In severe cases, coronavirus patients may also develop pneumonia.

Unhappily, no one can tell you that traveling during the coronavirus outbreak is completely risk-free, regardless of your age, health, or travel destination. While the COVID-19 fatality rate appears to be relatively low, and you may even return from your trip untouched and in great health, there are some things you should consider before you travel:

Tips of COVID -19 protection during travelling

  1. Wash hands with Soap & Water
  2. Avoid Touching Eyes, Nose & Mouth.
  3. Eat Well, Stay Hydrated & Sleep Well
  4. Avoid close contact with People who is sick
  5. Cover your face while Cough or Sneeze

But if you choose that you do want to travel – either because you want to take your chances, you’re traveling to a low-risk location, or the trip is important – you have to make sure you take the essential measures to protect yourself and others.

10 Tips to Store your Car Properly:

If you plan to leave your car unused for a huge period, follow these steps to keep the vehicle in running condition.

1. Do not engage the handbrake when you leave

2. Park indoors or use a car cover

3. Spark plug care

4. hygienic the interiors before parking the car

5. Fill up the fuel tank

6. Battery maintenance

7. Paint job protection

8. Jack up the car

9. Change oil and filters

10. Keep the tyres properly inflated.

Coronavirus - Do Not Panic, Be Aware! Protect yourself While Travelling!

Please note, Amitesh Travel Agency in Madurai strictly follows all COVID precautions. Help us with your safe journey by doing the needful -

Both the driver and travelers are strictly advised to practice social distancing.

Please ensure that you are wearing a face mask, carrying a hand sanitizer, and a bedsheet to cover your seat. This will help eliminate all chances of contact.

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Amitesh Travels in Madurai service returns 15 June and we are looking forward to welcoming you back on board. When traveling with us please maintain social distancing, wear a face covering and wash your hands. More details about our return to service at Amitesh Travels.

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