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Idalgashinna in Sri Lanka

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By ZeloanPublished 2 years ago 6 min read

Idalgashinna is a little hamlet in Sri Lanka's Uva Province's Badulla District. It is situated in the Haputale-Namunukula mountain range at a height of approximately 1,615 meters (5,299 feet) above sea level. The Idalgashinna Estate is located in this region, and the closest significant town is Haputale, which is located approximately 9 kilometers south on the railway. The Thangamale Bird Sanctuary is situated between these two locations. The Welimada Divisional Secretariat oversees education in the region and is responsible for Idalgashinna Tamil Vidyalaya (Idalgashinna Tamil College), Beauvais Tamil Vidyalaya, and Ellethota Vidyalaya.

Despite brief periods of habitation earlier, Idalgashinna was first developed as a tea estate in 1984. The Idalgashinna Pass is a notable natural feature in the region. The Portuguese attempted to exploit the pass in their campaigns against the Kingdom of Kandy in the 16th century since it was thought to be a crucial gateway to the highland regions.

Idalgashinna railway station

Idalgashinna Railway Station, the fifth-highest railway station in Sri Lanka and the 68th station on the MainLine, is situated between the Haputale and Ohiya Railway Stations in the Badulla District of the Uva Province. It is situated at an altitude of 1,615 meters (5,299 feet) above sea level, 8 kilometers (5.0 miles) west of Haputale. Following the track's extension from the Nanu Oya railway station to Haputale in 1893, the station was constructed. On the railway between Colombo and Badulla, this is station number 68. The railway station is situated on a hill that divides Sri Lanka's southern and eastern regions. As a result, the surroundings are both perpetually foggy and immediately clear. Rainwater from the Idalgashinna railway station accumulates in front of the roof to the Mahaweli river valley and falls to the Walawe river valley, depending on the position.

Due to the soil sloping down sharply on both sides, the 5 ft 6 in (1,676 mm) wide gauge main line between Haputale and Idalgashinna is thought to provide a very attractive perspective. The southern side of the station includes Beragala down to the shore at Hambantota, and the Udawalawa reservoir is plainly visible. The northern side of the station offers views that go past Boralanda and Welimada up to Udupussellawa and Hakgala.

It is served by all mainline local trains as well as express trains such as Podi Menike, Udarata Menike, and Night Mail Train. Between the railway stations of Ohiya and Idalgashinna, there are 14 tunnels.

Amazing Views to Behold

Idalgashinna Station is a modest station that is made to appear even more insignificant by the hill covered with pine trees that towers behind it. As soon as you exit the train, all you can see are endless green hills with a few scatted houses that poke through the vegetation. There is just one platform for the whole station. Because the station is engulfed in a dense cloud of mist in the latter afternoons and nights, the ideal time to come is in the morning, particularly during dawn. Even with the limited perspective, it is still wonderful to see the mist come in and blanket everything in white.

Due to its picturesque attractiveness, the region near the upcountry line's Idalgashinna train station is quickly growing in popularity with both domestic and foreign tourists. Despite the windy weather and other climatic factors, it is becoming into a well-liked camping area. The Hambantota sea, Kataragama, Tissamaharama, the Dondra lighthouse, Samanalawewa in the Ratnapura district, Udawalawe tank, and Haggala gardens may all be seen in their entirety on a clear day.

The camping spot is roughly 45 minutes distant from the Idalgashinna train station, according to Welimada Divisional Secretary Chaminda Weerasinghe, and the Tourism Development Authority and Ministry of Tourism are working to promote it. Winding trails through tea plantations and pinus trees make up the picturesque trek to the location.

Through the Thangamale tea estate, which is located off the Haputale-Welimada route through the Bowawatta-Idalgashinna road, one may reach the spot. It may also be reached from the Kirinda junction off the Welimada-Haputale road, which is located across Maligatenna.

A Unique Walking Trail

This village's lovely railroad station is set on a protruding hillside and provides breathtaking views of pine forests, rolling hills, and valleys. Rail hikers can get to the Ohiya station from here by rail. The record for the most tunnels between two railway stations in Sri Lanka is held by these two stations, which have a total of 14. If you decide to go for it, keep a very exact record of train arrival and departure times so you can be sure no trains will be passing you as you enter a tunnel or bridge. In addition to trains, there are certain rail cars that move down the track, so pay attention to the schedule as well as the sound of approaching trains.

The early morning hill country trains from Colombo Fort railway station are the best option for traveling to Idalgashinna. You may be there by 2 o'clock in the afternoon. The most beautiful scenery may be seen from Nanu Oya and Ella (if coming from Colombo). Idalgashinna is technically between Haputale and Ohiya railway stations and is the 68th stop on the major upcountry railway route. Idalgashinna railway station is among the most beautiful train stations in the nation because of the picturesque vistas of kilometers of forest and little to no human habitation nearby.

Be prepared to stroll in utter solitude on your train journey, surrounded by nothing but miles of pine and eucalyptus forests. If you feel the desire to have a hot cup of tea, keep an eye out for the little petti-kade (roadside store), which is tucked away yet offers delicious tea along with standard cookies and snacks. The entrance to the Tangamale wildlife reserve is located around 100 feet away from the station after traversing a spur mountain. While walking about, a keen eye for nature might detect several uncommon types of flora and wildlife.

As with arriving in Idalgashinna, the easiest way to leave this picturesque town is via rail. When traveling from Idalgashinna to Badulla, the final train arrives at 5:00 PM, and when returning to Colombo, the final train departs at approximately 8:00 PM. It is always recommended to speak with station service members in advance to inquire about train schedules.

The station is a relic of the colonial past; it is a lovely structure of strong stones, surrounded by meticulously managed flower and vegetable gardens, and tenderly cared for by the station crew. According to legend, the location of the station causes rainfall falling on one side of the station roof to go all the way to the Mahaweli River's catchment region while precipitation falling on the other side of the roof travels to the Walawe River.

Idalgashinna Mountain, which hikers would want to climb and see divine scenery from above, is close to the train station. Because most hill country sights are obscured by mist in the afternoon, unless you're fortunate enough to be outside on a clear day, the greatest views at the station and from the mountain top may be had around dawn.

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