I've Traveled 1.4 Million Miles

This is my Master Pack List

I've Traveled 1.4 Million Miles

I've traveled to 96 countries to date, 1.4 Million Miles as Trip Advisor tells me - or 57% of the world. Either way, I've seen and done a lot on this planet and can tell you without a doubt that love is the most powerful, highest energetic frequency that we all have access to this around the world!!!

I used to be at the top of the corporate ladder, I'd lost universal alignment, was taken away with rising the ranks, making millions and crushing the numbers. YES, from the outside I had a perfect life - a 6,000 SF house, a director since 21, on the executive leadership team at 25, winning awards.

I felt empty inside, I started a Charitable Committee at the company where I had the CEOs ear - I asked to grant 1 paid volunteering day to every employee each year - plus $25,000/yr to support our initiatives (which we voted for as a company - after I ensured more than 80% of donations went to the cause, not the C-Suite executives) :)

This was amazing for the company - we became ranked as a top place to work and employee morale soared!!

However I still felt something was missing - I then made a plan to drop my hectic life for a month while I explore India.

WOW. That was the best decision of life - it reconnected me to the universal energy grid, where I felt whole once again. I went to Rajasthan, a state region to travel through the small towns, where the people, smells and sights are enlightening to say the least - I achieved another state of existence there, unplugging from the digital vortex and fully plugging into the physical world. This is truly the only way you can be fully present.

From there, I experienced a Reiki healing treatment which removed the pains I'd had from a car accident - this allowed me to further meditate and reconnect. Next at a coffee shop I met an astrologist who created a natal chart for me in the sand in Jaisalmer, India. He illustrated the complexity of the chart, with 12 houses, each representing the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, astrological aspects and sensitive angles at the time of birth. I learned that in America we commonly refer to someone's sun sign as their zodiac sign, so I always thought I was a Cancer, which is partial truth, but it's only a part of the full equation. Another way to dig deeper into who you are and how the universe was perfectly aligned to create you!!!

I integrated meditation and yoga into my life (went on to do Yoga Teacher training years later in Cyprus with an Indian instructor), and have always strived to maintain the peace and universal connection I found in India.

I promise, I'll make another story about lessons from India, but for now, I wanted to share the most successful items I've used on my travels around the world! It took me years of trial and error to get here :)

This list was what I used as a budget traveler in emerging economies. Most items are useful regardless - I will ** items only of use for hostel dwellers

- a manageable backpack that opens on the front side (men's and women's link) this is the one I used for travel for 260 days around the world.

- ** quick dry towel (most hostels provide sheets while towels may be available for rent or not at all)

- converter (buy a universal - like this one - super useful)

- power strip with USB ports (to plug into converter and charge multiple things simultaneously)

- small travel camera - I suggest the Panasonic Lumix , cards & extra battery, many photos on my Insta account with 14K followers I took with this cam!

- gorilla pod (for shooting in low light)

- lowpro if you're looking for a good camera/day bag

- clothing and cord organizers (if you're OCD like me :)

- **laundry and/or shampoo sheets

- travel umbrella

- versatile walking shoes that come on and off easily (you'll need to take them off quite often in SE Asia)

- water proof wrist watch (preferably one that shows military time as well since most international transport is shown that way)

- water purification tablets (depending on access to clean water)

- deet spray (to avoid malarial Mosquitos)

- **small reusable bag (for laundry, grocery shopping, etc.)

- travel tissue packs, wipes and hand sanitizer

- passport case (these get banged up easily without one)

- a debit/credit card that doesn't charge foreign transaction or ATM fees (Charles Schwab)

- student card if you have one (grants discounts in most countries)

- any meds/products you can't live without (Vitamin C, Tylenol PM & Advil are a good essential start - zpack and anti-diharreal for emergency only)

I am always available if you have questions - it is my mission to share my journey in hopes to help you travel and experience this glorious world!!

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Danielle Massell
Danielle Massell
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