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I get a little lonely

by Lawrence Edward Hinchee 6 months ago in family travel

Hold Me Tight

After the breakup

My first month in the Mainz area of Germany was getting to know the area and the people. I loved the fact that everything was much closer together and that I could actually get around. I was given a directive by my first sergeant that I was to coach his son's soccer team that was in need of a coach because I was in need of something to do besides get drunk.

One evening while I was finishing drills for my team, I noticed a young man sitting on a picnic table watching the team practice. I walked over after all of my players left and his name was Jeremy, he was a dream boat with extremely soft hands. He also had blond hair with hazel eyes. We talked for a few more moments before he told me he had to leave, but would be back the next day to watch us practice. I was so smitten and in love with him just after that first meeting. He still lived with his parents and was extremely careful because he didn't want them to think their baby was gay. He also knew I had to be as well with me being in the military as the consequences were a lot higher for me.

The first date was really fun. We went to a restaurant and ordered our meal, I ordered in German. They asked what we wanted to drink and both of us said coke. I received a funny look and explained that I was an alcoholic on anti-buse and my boyfriend would normally have a beer but because he was being supportive of me, would prefer to refrain on alcoholic drinks for the night. Luckily it was a gay bar or else it would been worse for me. I found out that Jeremy's family was from Arizona. I also found out that he loved hiking, camping some of the things I loved to do. We didn't stay out too late, then I took him home and kissed him good night.

Our next date was a little more eventful. We went on a Cruise of the Castles on the Rhine River. Jeremy had never done this and neither had I but it was the best time I ever had in Germany. He and I were standing as they were telling us which castle was next for us to see. He ended up leaning against the railing, with me behind him and kissing him passionately. The Germans didn't seem to care and it didn't bother us. We had lunch at a little Riviera before the cruise line told us it was just about time to wrap up this cruise, but we could watch as we headed back to our starting point.

The first time I was allowed to spend the night at Jeremy's was under the pretenses of safety as his parents were going to be gone all weekend and it would be nice to have a house to actually comeback too. I slept in Jeremy's bed, but we didn't sleep with any clothes on. It was such a relaxing and entertaining evening. Jeremy cooked me supper of scrambled eggs, toast and hash browns. After we ate, we watched tv, shared a coke and some popcorn. When it was time to retire, we went to Jeremy's bed made up with rose pedals and crystal. That night we made love nothing for him. Six months later, I was staying the of the night. We had the best time and the smile on both of our faces the next morning was priceless. Both of us were covered in a blanket afterwards. I loved Jeremy and would have done anything for him. He moved away and I tried to find him but have had no luck yet.

I really did enjoy our time together, we did putt-putt golf, disco's, roller derby. That year the World Cup Soccer Tournament was being held in Germany, and some of the American soldiers were given free tickets to see games, unfortunately my unit was going to be away for three weeks of field training exercises. I started to become depressed about six months after Jeremy left, but I knew I couldn't talk to a chaplain or psychiatrist because that would kill my military career ambitions.

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Lawrence Edward Hinchee

I am a new author. I wrote my memoir Silent Cries and it is available on Amazon.com. I am new to writing and most of my writing has been for academia. I possess an MBA from Regis University in Denver, CO. I reside in Roanoke, VA.

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