How to Survive Flights

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These are a couple tips for surviving flights and I will definitely​ be making more travel related stories.

How to Survive Flights

#1 Pack your own food.

Packing your own food will save you money because we all know how expensive airport food is. Even if the airline provides you with free food it is most likely not the healthiest or the tastiest. I’m speaking from experience because I got a sandwich wrap and it made me feel a little queasy and it didn’t taste the best. It also had wilted lettuce and some of the veggies looked old. However, not all airline food is terrible because I ordered a cheese and cracker platter and everything was fresh and it was delicious. Remember to pack a healthy meal to keep you energized and feeling good on the plane.

#2 Wear your comfiest clothes.

Do not dress up for your flight because it might wrinkle your nice clothes and because wouldn’t you like to be comfy while traveling. Wear your comfiest clothes on your flight because it will feel nice while navigating the airport and to help you sleep on your flight. If you have somewhere to be right after, bring your clothes in your backpack or carry on and you can change a little bit before your flight lands.

#3 Prepare for sleep.

Bring a comfy pillow and blanket to help you fall asleep or to just relax on your flight. I will now be bringing my own pillow and blanket because the ones they provide you on flights aren’t my favorite and so I have extra comfort. Also if you have trouble falling asleep, bring melatonin or a sleeping aid to help you out.

#4 Don’t pack a lot in carry-ons.

If you are one of the last ones on a plane then there is most likely not gonna be a ton of space left in the cabin. Also, packing lighter will keep you from lugging a bunch of heavy and bulky bags around the airport. I made this mistake in 2015 because I brought a huge duffle bag and I am a small girl so it was difficult to lug it around the airport.

#5 Move throughout the plane.

Moving around during your flight will help you keep blood circulating and will keep you from getting sore muscles. I ALWAYS get sore on flights because I’m always sitting in the same place in a cramped seat and it makes your flight less enjoyable. Take this tip especially if you have a lengthy flight and you will thank me later.

#6 Stay hydrated.

Drink a ton of water the day of your flight, during your flight, and a few days before your flight. Staying hydrated is very important for staying healthy while traveling and helping to prevent headaches. I never did this when I traveled other times and I always got sick, felt nauseous, and got huge headaches. Staying hydrated will also keep your skin healthy.

#7 Choose a good airline.

Do some thorough research on all the airlines you are considering and don’t always buy the cheapest one. Look through reviews to see if it is comfy, the staff are nice, and overall ratings. Look for any malfunctions and when, also find out which airplane model is the best to take. I suggest watching a couple youtube videos that review and compare the different airlines. This helped me greatly for my up and coming trip to Georgia. Also try using Orbitz because they give you ratings, baggage details, cheapest prices, well-known airlines, and other flight details.

#8 Bring entertainment.

Your flight will most likely have Wi-Fi or entertainment, but most of the time you will have to purchase packages or pay for it. I suggest bringing a mobile device, coloring books, books, or paper for sketching. This will be especially helpful if you have a longer flight and/or layovers.

Happy traveling!

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