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How to spend two days in Bentota

Here is how you can get the most out of those two days during your next trip.

By Pavithra JinadasaPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Bentota Railway Station|Image via Flickr

When you plan a trip to a place in Sri Lanka like Bentota, two days might not seem like much of a time but here is how you can get the most out of those two days during your next trip.

Mode of transportation

If you are getting to this Beach town from Columbo, you have a few options to choose from. The most cost-effective and the easiest way to get to Bentota from Colombo is to take the local train. You can get on this train from the Fort railway station and be in this town within a matter of hours. This transportation method is highly used by foreigners and locals alike because it is affordable yet comfortable. You could also take the bus which will take you through the highway, but you'll have to get off in Galle and get yourself a cab or a regular bus from there. There are also direct buses from Colombo itself to Bentota. There are many things to do in Bentota and if you are staying at a centrally located hotel like Saman Villas, you can hire yourself a three-wheeler to get around while you are in town.

Accommodation in Bentota

It is important that you make bookings way in advance, especially if you're going to Sri Lanka during the peak season, which is summer. Unless you make reservations pretty early the chances of you finding a good place to stay while you are in town is pretty low. When you think about accommodation options in a beachside destination, see if the place is close to all the attractions in the area. Sri Lanka is a country that offers a wide variety of accommodation options including homestays and resorts, thus, depending on your budget and the things you plan on doing while you are in this beach town, you can pick and choose your accommodation.

Packing properly

You are about to go to a tropical destination, so your luggage should reflect that. Make sure that you pack breezy cotton clothes that are light coloured and try to opt-out of packing dark coloured clothes like black or navy blue because they tend to absorb the heat. You can pack yourself some western outfits because this part of Sri Lanka is used to seeing foreigners and their clothing styles. If you are planning on visiting a religious site or a temple, then you might want to pack a long-sleeved top or two. Make sure you also pack wide-brimmed hats and shawls to cover your head at all times. Moisturizers, Aloe Vera Gel, Mosquito repellent and Sunscreen are other must-haves. Lastly, the one thing you cannot definitely forget on a beach holiday is a pair of sunglasses.

Read about the place

When you plan on going on a trip to any place, the best thing and the smartest thing would be to read about it way before you book your accommodation or even think about going to the place. A trip to Bentota is about the beach, sunbathing and the sea, but that is not all that the town has to offer. There are many other activities to do around here. You could visit a turtle hatchery, you could go to the beautifully landscaped and created Brief Garden. You could also take a tour by visiting the ancient temples and the rivers in the area. You could walk yourself to the nearby fishing villages and spend a day or two with the locals or go to the beach for sunset. If you do go to the beach to watch the sunrise, you can see the fishermen dragging in the day's catch.


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