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How to save money during a solo trip to Singapore

Make it pocket-friendly!

How to save money during a solo trip to Singapore
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Do you know what it takes to travel smart without breaking the bank? It's just a certain level of common sense and knowledge! Travelling to any destination without spending much is still possible if you are aware of the smart tips. Save money during your solo trip to Singapore, without compromising the quality of it. Enjoy your time there to the fullest and make memories. Don't let your budget concerns come in your way. Here's how you do it!

Choose your accommodations wisely

Do you know that a significant amount of money is usually spent on accommodation during your holiday in Singapore? So, pay detailed attention to reducing this specific cost. If you have some known acquaintances in Singapore, be it a relative, friend, or a colleague, the best option is to stay with them; you will not need to spend at all on accommodation then. But, what if you don't have a known person living in Singapore? This is where any co-living space in Singapore will come to play and be of immense use during your vacation there. Properties the likes of lyf Funan offer you these facilities, and sharing a space with some like-minded people for a couple of days is also a wonderful experience that you can try out. It will also be fun to be friends with someone from another country or culture and enjoy time together as friends.

Go for free entertainment

How about watching a great show or a concert at Esplanade during your holiday spent in Singapore? This will indeed make your holiday even more wonderful, but the problem comes with the affordability. Most of the shows do not fit in the budget of someone who needs to save money. So, here's the tip. Do not get disappointed, because the small outdoor space at Esplanade offers you many free concerts and shows throughout the year. They are free for guests and provide greater entertainment opportunities for those on a budget.

Make the best use of 'Happy Hours'

Singapore is surely a country that offers great nightlife moments. But, keep in mind that this can be very costly. If you go out on a Friday night and think of grabbing a beer, you will at least need $20 in your pocket. Since you are restricted when it comes to spending, it is advised to spend some time scouting for some good Happy Hour options. Use the internet and find out the best deals offered by pubs, bars, and clubs within the area. Look out for their 'Happy Hours' during which you can have drinks at discounted rates. Plan your days accordingly and make the best use of these Happy Hours. Yes, this may sometimes require you to travel from one area to another daily, but the discounts will still be worth it. Always keep in mind that you are not the only one chasing after Happy Hours. So, expect to meet massive crowds wherever you go.

Do not choose the Formula 1 season for your holiday

One of the major events happening in Singapore is its Formula 1 race in which racers from all around the world mark their participation. The country is all festive and eventful during this season, and you will not be able to purchase anything at their regular prices. Everything from food, drinks to accommodation will go up in price and this is why it becomes a 'not-so-great time' to visit Singapore for someone who needs to travel on a restricted budget. This festive season has many events dedicated to sports lovers, and in addition to the racers, people from all around the world come here just to witness the races.

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