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How to prepare for a beach vacation

There's nothing like spending a chilled-out day at the beach

By Amie GinendraPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
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There's nothing like spending a chilled-out day at the beach soaking up the sun, frolicking on the shore or having fun in the ocean waters; this is especially true after months of COVID-19 related lockdowns and travel restrictions! Now is the ideal time to take a beach vacation, though as with all trips, proper planning is required. Here are some things to keep in mind that will help make your coastal getaway more memorable.

Find the Right Beach

Before getting into the packing stage, you need to select the perfect beach for your vacation. Depending on if you are travelling solo, with the family or that special someone, you can find beaches which offer solitude, fun activities or a bit of both.

Check to see what kind of accommodation options are available as well and ideally find a place to stay right beside the sand. Also, consider island escapes at destinations like the Maldives where you can experience pure beachside bliss.

Pack Suitable Clothing

When it comes to clothing for the beach, what will undoubtedly spring to mind is packing a swimsuit / bikini or swimming shorts / trunks! If you are having an extended vacation, it would be a good idea to pack more than one so you can alternate the swimwear.

Also remember to bring light cotton clothing, while women will benefit from having a cover-up which is perfect when you don't want to change out of your swimsuit. If travelling to a beach destination abroad, bring come conservative attire that covers bare legs and shoulders in case you visit local temples or other sacred sites. For footwear to the beach, bring flip-flops or sandals.

Prepare for Activities

Going to the beach doesn't always have to involve relaxing on the sand as there are many activities to enjoy here as well. For example, in the Maldives, places to visit and stay at include private island resorts like Adaaran Club Rannalhi where you can experience an idyllic beach along with plenty of water sports too.

Be it snorkelling, diving, stand-up paddle boarding, windsurfing, jet-skiing, flyboarding, water-skiing, kayaking, fishing or catamaran sailing there's much to try. Apart from water sports, you can also look forward to fun games on the beach so see what items you can bring along; this can include a frisbee, football, cricket equipment and sand toys for little ones.

Don't Forget Sun Protection

No matter what beach you head to, make sure you have adequate protection from the rays of the sun. An essential in this regard is a sunscreen which should ideally have an SPF level of 30 or more. Also, ensure it is a broad-spectrum cream that will keep you safe from both UVB and UVA rays.

Make sure to apply the cream every two hours or so and when choosing a brand, look to see if it is reef safe too. Apart from sunscreen, also have a good moisturiser as well as a sunhat with a wide brim and sunglasses that will protect your eyes from the glare.

Have Suitable Bags

There are several types of bags you can bring to the beach, each serving a different purpose. A typical beach bag is essential and should be big enough to carry most of your stuff while being lightweight too. Find a bag that it is easy to clean the sand out from too.

Additionally, bring what is called a dry bag; these bags are waterproof and can be used to keep your valuables including phone and / or camera safe from getting wet. When it comes to your phone, having a separate waterproof phone case is ideal to have. You can also bring a cooler bag to the beach where you can keep drinks and water along with certain food items.

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