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How to plan your wedding in Sri Lanka

Making your special day all the more rewarding

By Amie GinendraPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
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Should you be looking up destinations for the most important chapter in your life, then factor in the value of having your wedding in Sri Lanka. With a plethora of environs and settings to select from, your destination wedding is destined to go off well and more importantly, as planned - taking into consideration your ideas of yours and your significant other’s. To better plan out your wedding, have a look at this step-by-step guide which is sure to inspire you and help you decide.

Pick the venue

Long before gowns are chosen, suits tailored or toasts are made, you and your better half will be called upon to choose the venue for your wedding. Several reasons add value to this thought and initially, one will have to send out invitations in advance and for such a task to materialize, the venue would need to be finalized. Thereafter, should guests be arriving from foreign nations, their respective stays and flight reservations would require taking care of at the earliest. Thus, it is wise to tick off the venue from your ‘to do’ list to guard against last-minute surprises such as date changes which can certainly throw a spanner in the works and have you fretting uncontrollably.

Choose a suitable wedding package

Getting into the nitty-gritty of a destination wedding in the Emerald Isle, the task of picking a package that encapsulates one’s whims and fancies is next on the list. Whether you desire touches of tradition out against the mesmeric oceans or seek the glitz and glamour of an indoor celebration in the city, it is prudent to conduct your research on what suits you and your partner best. For first-timers arriving in Sri Lanka, it will be better to rely on the expertise of a wedding planner or event management company. Investing your time, energy and money with professionals will, in turn, place you in a prime position to make those important decisions. As an example, one would have access to some of the best Colombo wedding hotels the likes of Pegasus Reef which caters to various requirements.

The final run-through

Having every single aspect of your wedding carefully and thoughtfully mapped out at least a month before the ‘big day’ would be the way forward. During such a time you would have gone over the final guest list, menu preferences, table décor, entertainment facilities and above all, the theme of your wedding and corresponding colour patterns that would need incorporating accordingly.

After you arrive in Sri Lanka

Make it a point to sit down with your wedding planner as well as with the staff of the hotel or resort no sooner than you have arrived in Sri Lanka. Last-minute meetings are not foreign and it is always better to have every single person tasked with managing and overseeing such an important event in your life on the same page. Never be afraid to ask the hard questions in the event any part of the day’s schedule appears unclear or vague. Go over the details with a fine-tooth comb and during such a meeting, you can also schedule a menu tasting session as well as a venue inspection. The aforementioned must never be overlooked as if you and your partner have only engaged in email or phone correspondence with your wedding planner, then observing the facilities while being present on site would be all the more important as this essentially, would help you and your spouse to be to picture the grand celebration unfolding in your respective minds.

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