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How to plan your honeymoon trip to China

Honeymoon trip to China

By Michel AhbsPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
 How to plan your honeymoon trip to China
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Being one of the world's largest countries china is home to regions with immaculate vistas and offers you a multitude of enticing experiences to indulge in. This is exactly why it qualifies for an amazing honeymoon destination. If you are thinking of going on a honeymoon to china here is how you could plan.

Why should you choose China?

Honeymoons aren't just fun holidays that you would take with your loved one, it could rather be the most romantic and ostentatious way to start your life together as one, Honeymoons lifts your spirits and creates a sense of anticipation within your hearts if could set the best environment to discuss out the responsibilities as the wife and husband and to share everything that you've been wanting to tell your significant other. So, the destination you select must be ready to cater to all your expectations! With brilliantly vibrant and surreal environs and oodles of experiences waiting to be discovered, china comes in as one of the best destinations to plan your honeymoon.

When to visit China?

Although there is so much do see and do in china, only if you visit here during a time when the climate is at its best you could enjoy a romantic honeymoon experience - only pleasant weather can instil romance within you and your loved one's heart. So when is this time you may ask, the best times to visit China is during the months of spring and autumn. Which falls from March to May and September to November. During this time the gardens around the nation will be at full bloom, the skies will be clear and they offer you the perfect setting to create wondrous memories.

Getting around in China

Being a nation that is composed of diverse topography, and a large landmass, getting around china could become a hassle at times if you do not do your research properly. You could easily reach one major city from another by domestic flights. Offering you glimpses of stunning landscapes and granting you are memorable travel experience, Trains are also a popular medium of inter-city transportation in china. Apart from these, you get buses and taxis for your convenience as well.

Where to stay

There is plenty of budget to high-end accommodation options scattered around china. But, if you are on a honeymoon it is recommended that you should go for high-end accommodation options such as hotels in Xi An the likes of Grand Park Xian where you could opt-in for curated honeymoon packages. These offers, however, will have to be booked in advance for you to become eligible. Most of these deals will include specialized meals, welcome packages, and exclusive facilities such as spa treatments, lounge access and more.

Things to do

Being a nation that seamlessly blends ancient traditions and modern infrastructure, China is indeed an amazing destination for honeymooners. But what can you see here? At populated cities, you could see buildings that have a great heritage and structures with stunning architectural designs coexist synonymously. Busy streets at these locations also offer you opportunities to savour local street food and indulge in eclectic shopping experiences. If you head out towards other significant regions in china, you could visit attractions such as the great wall – one of the seven world wonders, the forbidden city, the temple of heaven and the Emperor Qinshihuang's Mausoleum Site Museum. If you and your loved one are fond of natural attractions, Zhangjiajie's "Floating" Peaks, Li River, Tiger Leaping Gorge and Jiuzhaigou could become your favourite natural attractions that you have visited so far!

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