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How to plan a trip to Maldives with your family

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By Sewmini James Published 3 months ago 3 min read
How to plan a trip to Maldives with your family
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The mere utterance of the word ‘Maldives’ would suffice to escort your senses and thoughts to a world overflowing with white sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons and a wide spectrum of pleasing pastimes to while away the hours with. Thus, for family escapes, these islands afford ample space in which to begin making memories much like those penned down below.

Best time to go

As the Maldives is located in proximity to the equator, year-round sunshine and warm weather are very much part and parcel of the local weather. This will afford the prospective holidaymaker and his or her family a greater degree of flexibility to work with when it comes to scheduling a holiday to this part of the world. The height of the holiday season stretches out from January to April with bright blue skies, calm seas and daily temperatures hovering a fraction below 30 degrees Celsius your constant companions. However, understand that accommodation costs can be sky-high which is why as an alternative, the monsoon season (May – September) should not be ignored for you will have the fortune of picking up more than a fair share of special promotions that will in turn, come to your rescue when you want to plan out several leisure outings that will keep everyone glued and on their toes.

Ideal duration

The answer would tend to vary from person to person and corresponding preferences as you must make the most of your investment given that the Maldives has plenty to offer and experience. Generally speaking, an itinerary that covers a minimum of 10 days to a maximum of 2 weeks would be advisable. Furthermore, should you be contemplating staying on several islands so that you give yourself increased chances of having many fun things to do in Maldives such as those presented by popular resorts such as Cinnamon Hakuraa Huraa Maldives, then it is wise to research the types of accommodation and areas you hope to cover at the very earliest or consult your trusty travel agent.

Regions of the Maldives to focus on

For starters, why not make your way in the direction of the Male, the nation’s capital? Aside from the cultural trips that can include visits to the priceless Islamic Centre and the 17th century Old Friday Mosque, Male will open out into busy streets, bazaars and a side to the Maldives you will not have the fortune of laying eyes on elsewhere. With local tour facilitators in the likes of Secret Paradise Maldives Tours a convenient find, you and your family can begin combing across the city in search of its sought-after attractions. Go back in time no sooner you set foot within the hallowed halls of the National Museum, move over to the hustle and bustle on display at the fish market before heading off to nearby Villimale to learn of conservation efforts that have been furthered in the hope of uplifting and safeguarding the best of what Male has to offer. Nestled northeast of Male is the manmade island of Hulhumale which is home to a range of restaurants, lodging facilities and walkways where time can be put to use immersing one’s senses in the surroundings and spending quality time with those closest to your heart. For fans of the outdoors and particularly, those who crave all things associated with the ocean, then it is an absolute must to journey to the Banana Reef. Once here, you can sign up for a scuba diving or snorkelling expedition that will soon have you in the company of colourful coral reefs, barracudas as well as reef sharks which are but the tip of the iceberg of enjoying a holiday here. In the event you want a more daring experience, then the island of Fuvahmulah ought to be accessed for herein lies an opportunity to go shark diving in a portion of the Maldives inhabited by tiger sharks. For an encounter with local heritage and customary practice, do make for the islets of Alifushi, Gulhi and Huraa which are reputed for their boatbuilding and specifically, that of the Dhoni while Thulusdhoo is noted for manufacturing the bodu beru drums.

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