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How to plan a trip to Hong Kong?

by Ayodha Ushani about a year ago in asia

Travel in Hong Kong

How to plan a trip to Hong Kong?
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Hong Kong has always been a popular tourist destination, thanks to the free visa policies it follows for many nationals. With the most unique night skylines and entertainment parks like Disneyland, Hong Kong is also a destination that's often chosen by family travellers who love to explore more. Yes, it's an administrative region of China, but to be honest, it's a different world you see in Hong Kong! Plan your next trip to this amazing destination, and here's how to do it.

Know about the Hong Kong visa policy

Although Hong Kong is an administrative region of China, you don't need to apply for a Chinese visa (but, if you want to visit the China mainland during your Hong Kong tour, you will have to). There is a very convenient visa policy in Hong Kong where it provides 7 to 180 visa-free days to travellers depending on their nationalities. If you are a British passport holder, you get the maximum (180 days visa-free) and if you are holding a passport from the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Egypt, and New Zealand, you will get 90 days visa-free facility. However, having a valid passport is a must no matter where you are from.

The best time to visit Hong Kong

There can be monsoon rains affecting Hong Kong from June to August, and the months from January to June, this destination will be crowded with people enjoying their holiday moods. So, the best time to visit Hong Kong will be from September to January, but it'll always be wise to avoid travelling during Christmas and the Spring Festival in Hong Kong. The busier it gets, the higher the hotel charges will be, and you'll have to keep this in mind too.

What should not be missed in Hong Kong?

If you are travelling to Hong Kong with your kids, do not miss Disneyland. The other attractions in this destination include the Wong Tai Sin Temple, Avenue of Stars Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong Ocean Park. The Victoria Harbour is also one key attraction in Hong Kong which is the largest seaport in Asia that has been named after Queen Victoria of Britain.

Planning your days in Hong Kong

Yes, Hong Kong has many places to see and adore, but that doesn't mean you need to be there for weeks. Within 3-4 days, you can cover everything this destination has, but that needs proper planning. If you are planning to visit Hong Kong Disneyland, you'll have to keep one entire day for that, and you may visit the Ngong Ping Village and the Giant Buddha on the same day. If you wish to get a Macau trip arranged, you will have to keep another separate day for that as well.

Staying in Hong Kong

First and foremost, do not expect Hong Kong accommodation to be cheap! Wherever you choose to be based in Hong Kong, hotels and resorts will be expensive and you will have to budget keeping this in mind. There are several great 4-star hotels in Hong Kong the likes of Park Hotel Hong Kong and spending some money on those are still worth it for all the world-class hospitality services they provide.

Budgeting for your tour

Generally speaking, Hong Kong is not a budget-friendly destination. It is one of the most costly travel areas in Asia, and you will end up spending most of your money on accommodation and dining when you are there. Budgeting will also have to be done for transportation and sight-seeing (entrance fees) and make sure you keep some money for your shopping purposes as well.


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