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How to plan a perfect Maldives vacation in one week

7 days of paradise!

By Sewmini James Published 5 months ago 4 min read
How to plan a perfect Maldives vacation in one week
Photo by Mohamed Lammah on Unsplash

The Maldives beckons the laidback as well as the adventure-savvy vacationer to its gleaming shores with a host of popular pastimes to partake of. With over 1,000 islands, the Maldives is a thrilling destination, well suited for all ages and likes and in the event, you decide that the time is ripe for a vacation to these paradisiacal environs, then here is a guide that covers one entire week.

When should you go?

Overall, the islands remain warm and sunny throughout the year but in case you need to know the best time to schedule a trip, then it is undoubtedly the period running from November to April. The rainy season which makes its presence felt between May to October does, however, bring with it its own perks. The local surfing season coincides with the aforementioned timeframe and would thus, be music to one’s ears in the event you yearn to pick up your surfboard and ride giant swells that tend to kick up during this time of year. Further, travelling later in the year will offer more affordable rates on accommodation coupled with a reduced risk of encountering crowds.

Day 1

Before venturing out towards the shimmering isles, consider spending at least one night on Hulhule and within the nation’s capital Male. Though, small and compact, Male sure does pack a punch from a cultural perspective with delightful and insightful tours easily availed of. For instance, voyage towards the age-old Grand Friday Mosque where you can admire its priceless architecture before stopping by the Islamic Centre which can be recognised from afar owing to the golden minaret that protrudes from its highest point.

Day 2

Nestled in the North Ari Atoll, the stunning islet of Ukulhas is next on the list of your 7-day stay in the Maldivian tropics. Covering a mere 1km, Ukulhas arrives in complete contrast to that Male where travellers and locals can be seen moving about in a far more leisurely manner. However, make a note of the island’s incredible beaches including the sought-after Bikini Beach which stretches out across its southern portion. If you want to work on your tan, swim about or check into a local guesthouse for a quick bite, then Ukulhas ought to be penned down in your itinerary.

Day 3

Make Ukulhas your starting point for a snorkelling adventure you are unlikely to forget. Found off Bikini Beach is an underwater house reef that would accommodate such a preference. Glide along under the watchful eyes of expert trainers who will ensure that you receive more than what you bargained for. From sea turtles and manta rays to stingrays, octopuses and beautiful schools of fish that inhabit these waters; Ukulhas will certainly be a worthy investment of your time.  

Day 4

Commence day 4 via a speedboat transfer to Kaafu Atoll’s Maafushi Island. No sooner you set anchor at Villingili Port, a cosmopolitan vibe will warmly welcome you to one of Maldives’ most appealing areas which are well known for its beaches, water sports and star-class accommodation facilities. You may toy with the idea of going on a day trip by boat or muster all the courage you need to sign up for a diving lesson that will have you exploring every inch of the ocean floor. Also, the local handicraft shops cannot be missed out on where you may purchase a hand-woven souvenir or two that will add to your memories of Maafushi Island.

Day 5

Kick-off day 5 by hopping into a speedboat and beelining for Fihalhohi Island. Once here, you will be presented with a choice of relaxing on sun-kissed, powdery stretches of white sand or moving over to the numerous snorkelling sites for one whale of a time. Should you be in the mood for a different outing, then consider the prospects of a dolphin safari before retiring for the day to be soothed and refreshed as part of a spa session.

Days 6 – 7

Conclude your time in the Maldives by reaching the island of Hakuraa which is nestled in the Meemu Atoll. Offering mesmeric Maldives island tours that intertwine with accommodation facilities in the likes of Cinnamon Hakuraa Huraa Maldives, this enchanting islet is a ‘must’ whenever you begin planning for a vacation to this part of the world. While you can snorkel in the company of a host of marine species including sea turtles, one can also look forward to unearthing the angler in you during a fishing expedition that will see to it that you cover a better part of the ocean that laps Hakuraa Island.  


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