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How to have the best beach experience in Sri Lanka

Have fun at beaches in Sri Lanka

By Sewmini James Published about a year ago 3 min read
How to have the best beach experience in Sri Lanka
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There is a whiff of freedom, bliss and sunshine in the air along coastal Sri Lanka. The allure of sunny isle’s beaches is irresistible. Where can you find the best beaches in Sri Lanka? Do you stay at one beach resort or go beach hopping across the island? What are the tips and tricks to make the most of Sri Lanka’s beaches? Let’s find out?

What are the best beaches in Sri Lanka?

This depends entirely on what you prefer. If you are a hardcore surfer, you would love Arugam Bay during the season (April to October). If you wish to mix up surfing with some serene beach time and excursions checkout things to do in Weligama – a veritable beach town. The southern coast is easy to navigate with so many beach towns and stunning coasts along it. The eastern coast is sublime with its sense of isolation. If you are a true beach aficionado, you can visit a few select beaches across the island. Make sure you book accommodation early. Try places like the Parangi Weligama Bay to get early bird deals. It is a good idea to schedule your beach days with a proper plan in mind. You can begin by exploring the southern coast and then go to the eastern coast. Some beach destinations provide easy access to wildlife parks. You can schedule some safari adventures in between your beach stays 

How to stay safe at beaches in Sri Lanka?

Overall, Sri Lanka is safe for solo travel. It is always good idea to rely on your common sense as precautionary matter. The local Sri Lankans are friendly and helpful. If you are worried though, make friends with fellow solo travellers. You can also avoid being alone out after dark to feel absolutely safe if you feel concerned. 

What to pack for a beach day in Sri Lanka?

You can take a sand free beach bag to keep your things safe from sand and moisture. A mesh tote bag would do the trick and you just have to give it a few shakes to get the sand off. Wear flip flops or water shoes to prevent any cuts or bruises. You can bring your beach towel or yoga mat to soak up the sun. You can wear your bikini but bring a cover up just to be on the safe side. You’ll need some water, lip balm and a towel for quick drying. If you are going beach hopping away from the hotel, bring a change of clothes and a travel first aid kit. You can bring along a hydrator spray to keep your face moisturized.  

How to have fun at beaches in Sri Lanka?

You don’t have to chase after water sports to have fun at the beaches in Sri Lanka. There are simple joys on slow beach days. Learn how to identify tidal pools. You can find tidal pools at low tide. These pools of pure joy are teeming with sea life from mollusks, sea snails, many hued tiny fish, even starfish. Simply find a shady or sunny spot (depending on your preference) and lay down on the beach for a bit of sunning. Go for strolls along silky stretches looking for shells, corals and puddles to wade in. You can ask your hotel to pack you a picnic lunch for the beach. If the water is safe, go for a swim or simply let the waves wash you ashore in the shallow areas. Come dusk, wash up and enjoy cocktails and dinner by the beach – watching stars stud the cobalt blue sky.

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