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How to get to Pidurutalagala rock

by Prihansa Perera about a month ago in how to

Travel to Pidurutalagala rock

Pidurutalagala| Img via Wikimedia Commons

The tallest mountain in Sri Lanka, the Pidurutalagala Rock is located within the Central Province and is easiest to access from the chilly town of Nuwara Eliya. Known as Mount Pedro in English, this mountain has been an attraction since the time of the British colonists. Standing at a height of 2,524m, the base of the rock is a protected forest reserve. Explore more of Pidurutalagala enjoying the expansive views from its summit through this guide on how to get to Pidurutalagala Rock.

1. Understand The History Of Pidurutalagala Rock

Pidurutalagala was a popular attraction since around the time the British colonists developed Nuwara Eliya, as a typical British village, to be nicknamed 'Little England'. Records from 1897 indicate pathways were created along the rock for a two and a half hour trek to the top, shorter still if the trek was on horseback. The popularity of the trek and mountain summit views was such, that elegant sedan chairs were made to carry the British ladies to the top of the Pidurutalagala. Sedan chairs were made from bamboo and carried by two strong men holding poles on either side of the chair. It was the British who gave the mountain its alternate name of 'Pedro' as they could not pronounce Pidurutalagala.

2. The Geology Of Pidurutalagala Mountain

The summit of the rock is unique to other mountain tops which are usually quite rocky. Pidurutalagala, on the other hand, is kind of flat with a crop of vegetation covering it. This lush coverage would dry and turn into straw in the dry season, which is, what many believe, contributed to the name pidurutalagala, which translates to rock-strewn with straw. Climbing to the top one notices how the foliage changes as the height increases. The trees get shorter and their tops flatter with many looking like cloud forests. The manmade path built in days of yore remained the only 'constructed' access to the mountain through to the 20th century. And along the path little stone markings were found indicating the height by sea level. You can learn more about Pidurutalagala tours and how to explore the area via informative websites. Some like Truly Sri Lanka list a comprehensive guide on the best attractions and places to visit in Sri Lanka.

3. Getting To Pidurutalagala

The mountain although open for the public to visit is not accessible at any time of the year. There are specific times of the year for which you can obtain a pass to drive to the mountain. Strict rules are governing the entrance path. Once your vehicle is allowed through the first checkpoint, you must drive continuously to the next checkpoint without anyone getting off the vehicle or even stopping the vehicle. The second security point is at the upper-summit of the mountain. The drive there is of course, quite spectacular. The sides are framed by beautiful foliage and blooms which render a riot of colour to the entire region. The forests which frame the mountain's sides are home to several endemic trees and some exotic wildlife. Don't forget to take along the cameras for breath-taking shots of the surroundings.

4. Times For Travelling To The Peak Of Pidurutalagala

There are specific times for visiting the mountain park. Open from 8 am to 4 pm, the place can get quite crowded; especially during peak tourist season. Get there early and you can avoid getting stuck in a long line of cars, and suffering a slow wait for your turn. During the period tourists are allowed entrance to the rock, it is open from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 4 pm.

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