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How to Explore Kandy, Sri Lanka

Experience a Marvellous Cultural Hub in the Hills

By Sewmini James Published 16 days ago 3 min read
How to Explore Kandy, Sri Lanka
Photo by Meshaun de Silva on Unsplash

The enchanting highland city of Kandy will always be a captivating destination to explore. Whilst offering beautiful scenery, this city is also regarded as one of Sri Lanka’s cultural hubs, presenting an array of attractions that would enthral the culture lover. In fact, exploring Kandy is likely to be a distinctive experience as it is rather unlike any other city in the nation. Some of the attractions that you should visit here are described below. 

Visit the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic 

The obvious place at which to start your tour of the attractions in Kandy would be the deeply venerated Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. This renowned temple may be regarded as one of the world’s most sacred sites for Buddhists, as according to popular belief, a tooth relic of none other than the Buddha himself is enshrined there. As you enter this site (remember to wear conservative attire covering bare shoulders and legs), a distinctly welcoming ambience can be discerned, with the aromas of oil lamps and freshly cut flowers greeting the visitor. Innumerable devotees as well as sightseers visit this enthralling place of worship where you will find other sites of interest too.

Tour the Ceylon Tea Museum 

An attraction of a rather different kind is the engrossing Ceylon Tea Museum which as its name indicates happens to be devoted to the cultivation and history of the famous Ceylon Tea which is enjoyed across the world. This museum which is housed within a former tea factory will always be a fascinating establishment to experience. Here, you would have the opportunity to learn about well-known figures in the history of tea cultivation such as Thomas Lipton and James Taylor. You could also observe machinery used in tea production, join a tea-tasting session and savour a refreshing cup of Ceylon tea.

Experience the Lankatilaka Temple 

Another captivating religious attraction that you could find in the environs of Kandy would be the absorbing Lankatilaka Temple. This intriguing sacred site happens to be renowned for its eye-catching architecture and fascinating history. Here, you will also encounter rock engravings in both the Sinhala as well as Tamil languages relating to the history of this temple and its environs. In addition to being a Buddhist place of worship, the Lankatilaka Temple is also devoted to the veneration of several deities making it an enthralling place to visit. 

Stroll through the Udawattakele Sanctuary 

Meanwhile, an attraction that draws the interest of nature lovers would be the tranquil Udawattakele Sanctuary which you could visit in Kandy. Visitors will have the opportunity to trek through the dense vegetation of the forest and also visit a few forest monasteries. On your adventures, you have the chance to spot wildlife such as barking deer, toque macaques, slender lorises and various bird species. As you experience the many things to do in Kandy an accommodation choice to consider from which you could easily visit this sanctuary would be Mountbatten Bungalow. 

Admire the Royal Botanic Gardens, Peradeniya

Another not-to-be-missed attraction to be experienced during your visit to Kandy is the splendid Royal Botanic Gardens in Peradeniya. These remarkable gardens – Sri Lanka’s most noteworthy botanical garden – would appeal to those who love spending time amidst nature's beauty and serenity. There are many alluring sights to be experienced here, with over 4,000 varieties of plants to be seen. Some of the more unusual and eye-catching botanical treasures would include many kinds of orchids, the Burmese giant bamboo, cannonball tree, Javan fig tree, double coconut palm and so on. 

Relax at Kandy Lake 

Following your sightseeing exertions, an excellent place at which to relax and unwind is the appealing Kandy Lake, also known as the 'Sea of Milk', which happens to be an artificial body of water. You would have the opportunity to take a leisurely stroll around the lake, and you could also go jogging though this activity should ideally be done before the noonday heat. From the banks, you may enjoy expansive views of the city and the surrounding hills, while you may also take a pleasant boat excursion on the waters of this lake as well.

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