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How to Explore Best Things to Do in Trincomalee

A treasure-trove of natural beauty

By Sewmini James Published 2 years ago 3 min read
How to Explore Best Things to Do in Trincomalee
Photo by Aravinda Jayathilaka on Unsplash

Sri Lanka's eastern shoreline is blessed with many an allure that would be well worth venturing out to during your stay in the island nation. One such attraction is the charming town of Trincomalee which would warrant more than a casual glance. Outlined below is a guide on how you can make the most of your time, out here within the brilliance of 'Trinco.'

When should you go?

Having to deal with rainy spells during your escape in the tropics of Sri Lanka can be quite disheartening. Thus, it is always wise to understand the weather patterns in Sri Lanka, especially on the east coast, before arriving here. The monsoon season sets in from October to January, so you should avoid vacationing in Trincomalee during this period. Ideally speaking, look towards scheduling a visit anytime between May to September for you will be served by sunny and warm weather that would inspire you to kick off your shoes and head for the shore. 

How long must you stay for?

Given the value and variety in terms of attractions and appeals that one would have the benefit of enjoying here, travellers like yourself should factor in the possibility of spending not more than a week in Trincomalee. However, this would also depend on other aspects of your holiday to Sri Lanka. In the event you are looking to fit in a few days as part of a full island vacation, then consider allocating around 3 to 4 days at best. 

Activities to include in your bucket list

The town of Trincomalee or 'Trinco' as it is fondly referred to sure does boast of its own pleasures and pastimes that would serve as the perfect launchpad en route to discovering all that the country's east coast has to offer the discerning traveller. If you yearn for the ocean and its hidden beauty then you must give snorkelling a go. For this, one would have to plan a day trip to the famed Pigeon Island, part of the Pigeon Island National Park. Found a mere 20 minutes from the mainland and easily accessible by boat, Pigeon Island will afford ample space in which to snorkel within the shallow waters off Nilaveli while taking in the captivating scenes of coral formations and colourful schools of fish for which the said attraction is well known for. Importantly, a per-head cost of USD 22 will have to be allocated and where you find yourself residing at Trinco Blu by Cinnamon which is one of the resorts Trincomalee has to offer, then more information concerning tour packages and service providers can be sought. Moreover, the town contains plenty of evidence of the country's past and in respect of same, one would do well to journey towards the historic site of Fort Frederick. Having seen the light of day during the 17th century, this stronghold was the brainchild of the Portuguese colonists but currently falls under the purview of the local military. However, private tours can be enjoyed within its parameters with sightings of deer often considered one of its main draws. Also, the Fort does offer some outstanding photography opportunities with the dense jungle having conquered certain sections of the walls that in turn, add to the spectacle in no uncertain manner. On a more sombre yet serene note, the inviting environs of the Trincomalee British War Cemetery should be noted in your travel itinerary. Filled with stunningly carved gravestones and surrounded by lush greenery in every direction, the Cemetery is a testament to all those British soldiers who laid down their lives during the height of World War II. The grounds are ideal for a quiet walk where you can spend time reflecting on an important chapter in world history. Before your time here in Trincomalee draws to a conclusion, consider calling by the Koneswaram Temple. Dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva, the shrine is a work of art complete with exquisite architecture and sweeping vistas of the bay nearby. Known as the 'Temple of 1000 Pillars,' the Koneswaram Temple can also be visited to appreciate the sunset which is one of the highlights of being in Trincomalee.   

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