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How to explore Bentota in your weekend

Travel to Bentota in your weekend

By Prihansa PereraPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
How to explore Bentota in your weekend
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In need of a weekend break away from the stress of office or housework? If your ideal getaway includes lazing on sun-drenched beaches, heading off on adventures and enjoying spa bliss, then Bentota in Sri Lanka is the place for you! There's much to do here so some proper planning will help you get the most from your holiday.

Stay by the Beach

Look to find accommodation right by the shore; this way, you can spend as much time as you want to work on that perfect tan, enjoy games with the family or take romantic walks with that special someone.

While the main beach is quite popular, you will find other spots along the Bentota coastline which provide more seclusion and serenity. One such place would be the Aruruwella area which has pristine shores, perfect for a weekend holiday. In Sri Lanka, boutique hotels can be found here and provide luxurious comforts so you can treat yourself to some much-deserved pampering by the ocean!

Try Various Water Sports

If you are looking to add some thrills to your weekend, then try the many water sports on offer; after all, Bentota is often called the water sports capital of Sri Lanka! Such water-based activities are available either in the ocean or river and include wakeboarding, jet-skiing, water-skiing, windsurfing, mono-skiing and banana boat rides which are a family favourite. Diving tours are also available in Bentota and nearby Aluthgama, while one can head out on deep-sea fishing excursions too.

Enjoy Local Activities

If you want a weekend of more than just chilling on the beach, look to also include some activities; ideally, travel off the beaten path and explore Bentota to experience its natural beauty and local culture.

Consider staying at properties the likes of Saman Villas which offer guests the chance to head off on special walking trails or cycling tracks; along such routes, you will pass idyllic paddy fields, Dutch houses dating back to colonial times and the picturesque Dedduwa Lake. You could visit some key sites as well such as the Mullegoda Temple and Katukoliha Temple which is over 100 years old.

For something a bit different, embark on a river safari along the Bentota River or at the nearby Madu Ganga; both these areas are home to thriving mangroves as well as various bird species and reptiles including crocodiles which add to the allure of the experience.

Get in Some Sightseeing

When it comes to sightseeing in Bentota, there are some interesting attractions to visit as well. Since you are spending a weekend here, you might not be able to see them all or may have to forgo some other activities; that is why one should ideally plan a longer holiday!

Amongst the most popular sites is Lunuganga, the former country estate of renowned architect, Geoffrey Bawa; the gardens here are truly enchanting and feature a mix of styles and influences featuring diverse flora as well as sculptures and statues too. At nearby Beruwala, you will find the Brief Garden which is equally captivating and was in fact, created by Geoffrey Bawa's brother, Bevis Bawa.

Another key attraction would be the Kande Viharaya; this 18th century Buddhist temple near Aluthgama is built atop a hill and has a huge statue of a seated Buddha well worth seeing. Also within easy reach are the Induruwa and Kosgoda turtle conservation projects where one can see first-hand how turtles are being protected.

Indulge in Spa Treatments

While it's all good and well to enjoy activities and sightseeing, don't forget your weekend should also be about relaxation and rejuvenation too! Look to stay at a Bentota hotel that has an onsite spa which offers holistic healing including traditional Ayurvedic treatments. Such spas will generally feature western beauty therapies as well as a wide range of massages to help you truly unwind, de-stress and feel revitalised.


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