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How to Celebrate Songkran Festival Like Locals

Everything You Need to Know

By Amie GinendraPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
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Songkran is a vibrant and fun festival in Thailand. One of the most popular celebrations there, Songkran is held from the 13th to the 15th in April, which is the hottest time of year in Thailand. The heat is probably why Songkran’s popularity is attributed to the mega water fights that take place on the streets. However, there is more to this colourful festival. Read on to discover everything and more on how to celebrate Songkran Festival – just like a local!

How Do the Locals Celebrate Songkran in Thailand?

There is more to Songkran than the popular water fights that take place on the streets. For locals, the festival has a deeper meaning. And celebrations include paying their respect to elders. Elders include parents, grandparents, and even seniors within the community. The traditional pouring of water will be done with the elders who in turn will impart blessings on the younger generation. On the first day of the festival, all Buddhists in Thailand head over to their temples along with their families. There, they bathe the Buddha statues in water with the belief that all the troubles of the previous year will be washed away, thus, looking forward to new beginnings. Of course, once the traditional rituals are done, the evenings are reserved for the fun water fights. A Bangkok hotel rooftop pool will be a good place to view the water fights of Songkran. And many properties like Maitria Hotel Sukhumvit 18 are happy to cater to the curiosity of guests by offering them a chance to experience the popular festivities of Songkran.

What You Need to Take Part in The Songkran Water Battle

If you plan to be a part of the cheery festivities of Songkran and wander around from street to street like a local, do equip yourself with a water gun. They are sold everywhere and can even be picked up from a 7-Eleven store. While it’s not a necessity, you will find that having a water gun helps you to be more interactive in all the watery fun that takes place. There is so much fun to be enjoyed on the streets, especially in Bangkok. There are fewer crowds too since many people return to their villages to be with family during the feast, which to the Thai’s is similar to Christmas time.

Take Along a Hat and Dry Bag

Remember that Songkran happens in April, the hottest time in Thailand. Hence, you must take along a hat to keep your head cool. Also, take a dry bag or even a polythene bag to keep your camera and phone safe from all the water that gets flung about the place.

The Best Spots in Thailand to Experience Songkran

The Thai capital Bangkok is a major hub for celebrating Songkran, and Bangkok hotels are within easy reach of all the fun. In Bangkok, you can head over to Silom Road or Khao San Road.

Chiang Mai in the north is another famous spot for celebrating Songkran. You can even go to Koo Muang to be a part of the fun festivities that take place there. If you are in Phuket, Songkran will be celebrated around Phuket Beach and Patong Beach. Several festivities will be organised on the beach between the 13th and 15th of April.

The top hotels in Thailand, including well-known hotels in Bangkok, are ideal venues for experiencing Songkran. Many of these resorts will celebrate the festival and welcome guests to be a part of the fun and enthusiastic celebrations.

Are you ready to book your Bangkok hotel for the April celebrations of vibrant Songkran?

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