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How to Become a Hotel Manager

Another Trending Profession in the Market

By Amie GinendraPublished about a year ago 3 min read
How to Become a Hotel Manager
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With the levels of stress that seem to be plaguing mankind, the hospitality industry has become highly sought after. Hotels are popping up everywhere and the industry as a whole is thriving and even growing. In fact, there are plenty of career opportunities in this industry that will give employees a taste of operating in a hospitality venture. Among the most popular jobs in this industry is being a hotel manager. Below are some useful tips on how you can become a hotel manager.

Assess the demands of the job

Do you truly believe that you have what it takes? Whether you want to become an astronaut or a hotel manager, you need to first assess the demands of that particular job and see if you can deliver what is expected of you. Being a hotel manager may not feel like rocket science; however, it comes with its own set of demands and duties, which may not cater to the tastes and talents of everyone. For one, personality matters. You will be dealing with customers paying for leisure, and what they look for above all is hospitality. Are you a warm and good-natured person who is tactful at handling angry, high-paying patrons without losing your cool? Then this job probably is something you would like to consider. It is also pertinent that you are vigilant, committed and on top of your game. You will also need to understand the business operations of your hotel and be available at odd hours when there is an escalated requirement from your guests. In addition to this, you will need to manage staff and ensure the unique demands of your clients are at all times catered to. Does all this sound like this is something for you? If so, follow the remainder of the steps below.

Find a good hotel school

The next step is finding a good hotel school. As this is a booming industry, there are plenty of hotel schools that are run by experts who are keen on sharing their know-how in developing this particular industry. Some of the best hotel schools are found in countries that have a booming tourism industry. Popular options for students to choose from include the Asian Institute of Hospitality Management, which has a comprehensive hospitality management degree. There are several other options as well and you will need to make a decision based primarily on the affordability of the institute and its location. Read plenty of reviews from students who have done these degrees before. Assess the credibility of the institute and check if it is accredited by any leading degree awarding bodies. If it is a highly competitive institute, it also helps to book your seat in advance to secure a place as soon as you want to commence your course.

Apply for internships

Being a hotel manager is more about practically executing the job right than just simply passing exams with flying colours. Not having the right practical exposure can hurt your career profoundly. For this reason, it is best to take up internship programmes either during holidays (such as term and summer breaks) or during a gap year in the middle of your degree. Internship opportunities can be both paid and unpaid; however, experience is what you must primarily be looking for. So, look for the reputed hotels that are known for their hospitality and customer service, for that is where you can get the best experience in becoming a good hotel manager. The easiest way to apply for an internship is to speak with the training department of your institute and inquire if there are any available positions for internships.

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